Sandy took Marvin’s hand in hers and stroked it, brushing her fingers softly on the back of his hand.

“I’m not sure I know how to do that, dear, but I guess I’m willing to try.”

“Do you love me?” Marvin asked, placing his free hand over Sandy’s and trapping it between his palm and the back of the hand she had been caressing.

“Of course. That’s why I’m willing to try anything, like this sex agreement.”

“I’ll teach you what you don’t already know.”

Sandy blushed. The thought of being taught how to give a blow job by the man she loves was something she found humorous.

“How many BJs have you given?” she laughed.

Marvin chuckled. He realized how it must have sounded to her.

“What I mean is, I can direct you, give you pointers on where my pleasure points are.”

“Oh.” Sandy went silent for a minute, then she added, smiling with the corner of her mouth, “I was sort of looking forward to discovering those through exploration.”

Marvin grinned.

“Yeah, I was looking forward to that too.”

They both chuckled and embraced. When they pulled apart, Marvin pressed on.

“Does three times a week sound okay?”

Sandy feigned contemplation, placing her finger to her lips. Before answering, she sighed, exhaling with a show of force.

“Well, I guess I can promise three sloppies a week if you’ll agree to three facials.”

Marvin looked confused.


“Yeah, you know, full-faced oral presentations.”

The light came on. Marvin grinned. He’d never heard eating pussy spoken of in those terms before.

“Okay,” he said. “We’ll make it a one-for-one transaction in the sex agreement. Three weekly orals for three weekly orals. We can alternate days or perform them at the same time.”

Sandy shook her head.

“No, they have to be on separate days. That way you are the center of attention on days when I’m keeping up my end and I’m the center on days when you are fulfilling your promise.”


They kissed. Marvin, after removing his tongue from Sandy’s mouth, slid his hand between Sandy’s thighs. He gazed into her eyes and blurted out, “So you’ve never given a blowjob before?”

“You’re not supposed to ask that,” Sandy teased.

They enjoyed another laugh and Marvin apologized. “Sorry. I couldn’t resist.”

Sandy cast her eyes downward, somewhat embarrassed to ask, but she figured turnabout was fair play.

“So have you ever …?”

When she threw her gaze at her vagina Marvin responded. “Oh, baby, there’s nothing I like better than pleasuring the woman I love with my tongue.”

Sandy’s eyes lit up.


Marvin lurched forward and tickled her on the ribs. “Really!” he exclaimed.

Sandy tried fighting back, but Marvin overpowered her. Before she knew it, he was between her legs, rubbing her clit with his fingers and running his tongue over her pierced belly. She gasped, almost losing her breath, as he moved his face lower and pushed his nose up her skirt and between her thighs. She damn near lost it when his lips closed around her clit. His teeth pinched it gently and he sucked on it, hard. Sandy heaved.

When Marvin came up for air, Sandy’s breathing was so heavy he could see the sweat forming under her chin.

“That doesn’t count,” he said with a smile.

“Previews never count,” Sandy agreed, grinning. “My turn.”

She couldn’t get his pants off fast enough. After fumbling with Marvin’s belt, she finally got his jeans down to his ankles. On her knees, she took his dick in her hand and slid her lips over the head. In two minutes she had a mouthful of love juice. This is going to be a great sexual contract, she thought.