Benefits of this Course

  • Build and maintain vibrant sexual intimacy  and desire throughout a long term relationship.
  • Discover how to keep things spicy and interesting over time; how to approach and discuss the subject and share your deepest desires.
  • Learn to open up, share fantasies and get your partner’s enthusiastic consent.
  • Set your love life up for lifelong success (amazing sex and relationship with your long term lover).
  • Make your partner want you (again?) and keep them coming back for more.
  • Stop feeling sexually deprived and eliminate sexual rejection.
  • Banish the need to make up excuses to avoid sex…more.

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Course Details:

  • 6 week program (one week for each step).
  • Each week you will receive downloadable PDF files with that week’s reading material and practical exercise.
  • Each step is outlined below.

* You will receive the Couple’s Erotic Contract in Step 6, as part of the lesson on Intimate Negotiations.

See each step outlined below…


Step 1 – Personal Enrichment

  • The bottom line: your sex life is highly dependent on the quality of your relationship.
  • BUT, in order to build a good foundation for your relationship, you first need to be content within yourself. It’s only when you yourself are happy, that you can put energy into maintaining a mutually satisfying relationship.
  • So, before getting to the naughty & delicious parts, in this Step you will learn to focus on yourselves as individuals so you can build self confidence, self-identity and self esteem.
  • Learn to help each other reach and maintain that contentedness. Trust me, it will affect your sex life…for the better.

Step 2 – The Erotic Smorgasbord

  • Before you enter any type of arrangement, whether it’s a business deal or a journey of sexual intimacy with your long term partner, it’s important to know what you want. In fact, how can you expect your partner to satisfy you when you yourself don’t know exactly what it is you’re seeking. Step 2 gives you tools so you can:
  • Explore your erotic desires and fantasies,
  • Define your wants, needs and boundaries; and
  • Align your desires with those of your partner.

Step 3 – Anatomical Sexploration

  • This step shows you how to sexplore the human sexual anatomy and the areas which bring men, women and, most importantly, you & your partner the most sexual pleasure, so you can:
  • Discover your most pleasurable erotic zones; and
  • Give the ultimate ride of sensations specifically tailored to your partner’s hot spots.

Step 4 – Building Trust & Intimacy

  • The level of trust you have outside the bedroom directly affects your erotic realm. The more your partner trusts you, the more they’re likely to explore with you sexually.
  • Not many people know that there are subtle things they do which can, even subconsciously, break trust.
  • This step gives you the tools so you can build trust and intimacy within your relationship and ultimately fully surrender to one another erotically.

Step 5 – Carnal Instincts

  • Knowing your stuff in the bedroom is important, but, what works for one individual, may not bring the same sensations to another.
  • This step gives you tools and techniques so you can:
    • Become better lovers and communicators in the bedroom; and
    • Gain intimate and specific knowledge of what’s needed to satisfy your partner sexually; and
    • Connect on a deeper level.

Step 6 – Intimate Negotiations

  • The only way to ensure you both get what you want is to communicate your wants and needs openly and to come to a mutually satisfying arrangement.
  • This step will give you the essential tools so you can easily discuss your desires with your partner and ultimately agree on an erotic arrangement that you can both be happy with.

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FREE! Couple’s Erotic Contract (save $17!)*

* You will receive the Couple’s Erotic Contract in Step 6, as part of the lesson on Intimate Negotiations.