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How a Sexual Fiction Audiobook Brought My Husband and I Closer

My husband and I had reached a stage in our marriage where our sex life was basically non-existent. He would come in the bed and kiss me on my forehead and go to sleep. We were both in our mid-thirties and had been married for almost five years, our anniversary was coming up and I wanted to try something to [...]

How a Sexual Fiction Audiobook Brought My Husband and I Closer2019-06-20T03:56:13+00:00

Sex Recipe: The Massage Parlor

While most massage parlors that you hear about are frequented by men, this is a recipe that can be performed and received by either partner. For the version of this recipe, the man will be setting things up to surprise his wife or girlfriend. Just keep in mind that the woman can easily reverse the process to give her man [...]

Sex Recipe: The Massage Parlor2019-06-20T03:56:13+00:00

Sex Recipe: Slip and Slide

Having sex can be many things such as romantic, kinky, spontaneous, long, slow, short or fast. But something that it just needs to be every once in a while is fun! In that vein, nothing can make sex more fun than this little recipe for sexual spice and variety. Not only is it inexpensive, but it will really get you [...]

Sex Recipe: Slip and Slide2019-06-20T03:56:13+00:00

Sex Recipe: Sitting on Santa’s Lap

Believe it or not, there are many women that crave the idea of having a night of fun with Santa Clause that has nothing to do with Rudolph guiding his sleigh or delivering gifts. That’s right. These women want to knock boots with the Big Boy and they don’t need for him to bring them any presents except for himself [...]

Sex Recipe: Sitting on Santa’s Lap2019-06-20T03:56:13+00:00

Sex Recipe: Sex on the Beach

You’ve most likely heard about a drink called Sex on the Beach, which is a drink that some people find so delicious that they compare it to having sex out on the beach. When thinking about something so intimate and romantic, you most likely visualize lying in a little cove on the beach with your partner at sunset. It can [...]

Sex Recipe: Sex on the Beach2019-06-20T03:56:13+00:00

Sex Recipe: Me Tarzan You Jane

Who hasn’t played the game of Tarzan and Jane? Most of the time this was probably done when you were children and you could easily climb trees or had swings available to you. A rope was most likely a part of the fun and games, too. If you’ve watched any Tarzan movie, you already are familiar with the primitive yell [...]

Sex Recipe: Me Tarzan You Jane2019-06-20T03:56:13+00:00

Sex Recipe: Make it a Geisha Night

Something that a lot of couples do is plan a night to pamper each other. This is best done as a surprise event so that the partner to be pampered is ecstatically thrilled to find that it’s going to be a fun night. Keeping that in mind, you might want to make it a Geisha night for your man. This [...]

Sex Recipe: Make it a Geisha Night2019-06-20T03:56:13+00:00