Something that a lot of couples do is plan a night to pamper each other. This is best done as a surprise event so that the partner to be pampered is ecstatically thrilled to find that it’s going to be a fun night. Keeping that in mind, you might want to make it a Geisha night for your man. This works especially well when the partner in question has a thing for Asian women. Becoming your man’s Geisha for his birthday or some other special occasion is the perfect gift and a great way to ignite some passion that you may believe had long been extinguished.

Wife laying on bed dressed up as GeishaIngredients:

  • White Face Paint
  • Red Blush
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Black False Eyelashes
  • Red Lipstick
  • Black Wig styled in a Geisha hairdo (Or style it yourself if you’re confident enough)
  • Black Mascara
  • 2 Sexy Silk or Satin Kimonos
  • Your Man’s Favorite Food
  • Massage Oil
  • Low Table and Floor Pillows
  • CD of Suitable Background Music


The first thing you’ll want to do is take a long hot relaxing shower. It’s always best to start with a blank canvas. When you emerge from your shower, towel dry yourself and blow dry your hair. You’ll want to do this whether you’re styling your own hair or wearing a wig. Either way, your hair needs to be dry. If you’re going to style your own hair, now is the time to put it up in curlers or whatever you’re using to accomplish that poufy look needed for a Geisha. If not, simply pull your hair back from your face so that you can begin to apply your makeup.

The face paint goes on first. Cover all areas except your eyes and mouth. Let it dry and then apply the blush. Your cheeks need to be a deep red. Use black eyeliner on your eyes as well as some dark eye shadow. Next, apply the false eyelashes. The last step to your makeup is the painting of a “bow shaped” mouth with your red lipstick. Last of all, you will either comb and style your hair or put on your wig. Slip into your kimono and you’re all set.

Have whatever your man’s favorite foods and beverages are on hand and ready to ply him with when he gets home. Arrange floor pillows around a low table. This is where he will be dining as you serve him. In fact, when he arrives, have a kimono on hand for him so that you can help him undress and slip into the kimono for more comfort.

Once you’ve served him his meal, it will be time for his bath. You will, of course, prepare his bath for him however he requests it as in with or without bubbles. Before his bath, you will remove his kimono and help him into the tub where you will then bathe him. Have a large warm towel waiting for him when he steps out of the tub.

The finale of your evening will consist of using heated massage oil over his entire body. Use your hands as you both relax and titillate him. This massage will, not surprisingly, cause him to become aroused. You will need to follow his lead as to how he wants his Happy Ending and deliver that according to his wishes.

Now, this is a basic guide to which you can adjust according to the things your man enjoys and prefers. Allow yourself to expand on the original ideas to make the evening more personalized. It is practically guaranteed that this special night will be a huge hit with your man and may even be requested again in the future.

Use our sex recipes in conjunction with your Marriage Sex Contract or Casual Sex Agreement to spice up your sex life and maintain intimacy within your relationship.