Writing a Contract is the best way to:

♦ Introduce the erotic conversation, including each person’s needs, wants and desires;
 Know what you both expect and desire;
♦ Feel more comfortable suggesting ideas and exploring;
♦ Keep communication open about intimacy;
♦ Remove the guesswork.

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Erotic Sex Contract for Couples

Sex Contract Template

~ A Creative, Enticing Legal Style Document ~

Ideal for:

♦ Long term couples wishing to bring intimacy back into the limelight;
♦ New couples wishing to make an agreement on sex, intimacy and other erotic issues.

Couples Sex Contract Download

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Table of Contents:
Intimate Disclosures
Interpersonal Dynamics
Sexual Activities & Limits
Self Pleasure
Maintaining the Spice
Loss of Desire
Safety & Safe words
Termination & Renewal

Pages: 26
Format: PDF
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Why a Contract?

  • An great conversation starter – many couples never express their sexual wants and needs, even though they truly want to. Just bringing up the topic can be daunting. Going through a Sex Contract together is a fun way to get started. It brings up the topics for you!
  • Motivates you to explore – includes plenty of saucy ideas. Use the Negotiation Sheet to create, talk about and plan your sexy adventures.
  • Keeps your eye on the “prize” – with all the daily grind stuff that gets in the way, having a mutually enticing agreement ensures you prioritize time for erotic encounters.
  • Keeps you talking – a main reason why relationships fail is couples not communicating about these crucial issues. A sex contract brings up all the essential topics and makes the process fun, easy and even sexy.

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