Marriage Sex Contract

Build Desire & Make Sex Fun


What is it?

The Marriage Intimacy Contract is a fun legal style document that you can use to prioritize and communicate about intimacy and sexual exploration within your marriage.

What does it do?

  • The perfect ice breaker – does bringing up the topic seem a little daunting? Filling out an intimacy contract together can be a lighthearted way to introduce that sexy conversation.
  • Motivates you to explore – with all the juicy ideas, use the Negotiation Sheet to create, talk about and plan your sexy adventures.
  • Keeps sexual intimacy a priority – once you come to an agreement you both know where you stand, so there’s no guesswork – just plain old fun. And no, spontaneity is not off the cards either!
  • Keeps you talking – many relationships fail because couples don’t know how to communicate. Negotiating a written agreement encourages you to talk, open up and even laugh when exploring these issues.

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    Think you’re alone? Here’s what others have to say:

    “Me and my husband had reached an point in our relationship where we just didn’t have sex let alone spend much time together. I wanted us to come to some kind of agreement where we could get our marriage back on track and be better friends. This document helped tremendously. Thank you.”

    “I have been married since 1996 to the same beautiful woman and I think we needed something to spice up the love life again. We have kids and our own needs and desires have taken a back seat to the demands of the family and household.  The contract helped us put out needs and desires in writing. This will create a blue print of how to proceed to fulfilling each others needs.”

    Michael J.

    “My husband and I needed to spice up our sex life and with 2 children that is sometimes very hard. I felt being able to have some fun with a contract like this would bring us closer and make us more intimate. We needed the fun and excitement back…this contract has opened our eyes to the pleasure sex can be when played around with…thank you for making this fun contract so we could get started…oh yeah”


    Pages: 30
    Format: PDF
    File Size: 4.72MB
    Fillable Fields: Yes
    Savable Fields: Yes
    Password Protected: Yes

    Table of Contents:
    Intimate Disclosures
    Interpersonal Dynamics
    Sexual Activities & Limits
    Self Pleasure
    Maintaining the Spice
    Loss of Desire
    Safety & Safe words
    Termination & Renewal

    Does it really work?

    Are you getting married and worried about your sex life after tying the knot? Or are you happily married but just feel like something is missing in the bedroom?

    It’s not unusual to have these concerns. Don’t feel bad or selfish either. Many couples find themselves feeling like this. It’s those who address the issue that find lasting satisfaction in their relationship. So how do you address the problem? By agreeing on a mutually beneficial arrangement about your sexual intimacy.

    Signing a sex agreement can have huge benefits for your marriage. It doesn’t make your intimate time any less romantic, nor does it take away your right to have spontaneous sex any time you want. It just ensures that both of your needs are understood and being met.

    Download your copy today and start negotiating the fun parts of your married life!

    Note: Just because intimacy negotiated doesn’t mean it’s any less romantic. It simply takes away the false hopes and guesswork.

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    More Testimonials:

    “The reason I purchased the contract was because of a lack or declining intimacy in our relationship.  We are both professionals and at the time it seems that all we talk about is work or the next big money maker during our free time which is usually after the kids go to bed.  My wife seemed to always be researching, have ear buds in her ear or on the internet, which was really annoying, and I was getting tired of this behavior and feeling sexually deprived all of the time. Introducing this contract to our relationship was the best thing for us. It’s made us focus on us, rather than our work for a change.”

    C. Johnson

    “I wanted to try a sex contract within my marriage. It was actually my husbands suggestion and I was hesitant initially, but the more I considered it, the more I thought it’s a good idea. We have been together for 11 years, married 7 and have two kids. Both are girls, ages 1 and 5. My husband would like sex more frequently and I would like some changes as well. It’s difficult to find the time and energy for me, but I’m willing to give the contract a shot because I know how important sex is in a marriage and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to try and make things better.”


    “My wife and I have been married for 19 years and there is still a great deal of misunderstanding and hurt feelings over our sexual relationship. My intention was that a contract will give us a basis for communication on the topic, provide a consistent record of our discussion and agreements, and be a tool that promotes greater understanding between us. By setting realistic expectations and increasing communication on topic she can be shy about, this contract has assisted us on a path to a more trusting and intimate relationship.”