Writing a Contract is the best way to:

♦ Bring up and discuss your needs, wants, desires and expectations;
♦ Set down your goals, rules, rights, responsibilities and limits;
♦ Know where you stand;
♦ Prioritize intimacy and sexual exploration;
♦ Review your progress and make changes to reflect your exploration;
♦ Formalize your commitment (please note an Erotic Contract is NOT legally binding). It is a tool to help guide your relationship.

Get your Marriage Sex Contract and start turning fantasies into reality.

Marriage Sex Contract

Erotic Contract Template

~ A Fun, Legal Style Document ~

Ideal for:

♦ Married couples wishing to open up communication on intimacy;
♦ Engaged couples or newlyweds wishing to negotiate the terms of sexual intimacy within the marriage.

Marriage Sex Contract Download

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Table of Contents:
Intimate Disclosures
Interpersonal Dynamics
Sexual Activities & Limits
Self Pleasure
Maintaining the Spice
Loss of Desire
Safety & Safe words
Termination & Renewal

Pages: 26
Format: PDF
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Why a Contract?

  • The perfect ice breaker – does bringing up the topic seem a little daunting? Filling out an intimacy contract together can be a lighthearted way to introduce that sexy conversation.
  • Motivates you to explore – with all the juicy ideas, use the Negotiation Sheet to create, talk about and plan your sexy adventures.
  • Keeps sexual intimacy a priority – once you come to an agreement you both know where you stand, so there’s no guesswork – just plain old fun. And no, spontaneity is not off the cards either!
  • Keeps you talking – many relationships fail because couples don’t know how to communicate. Negotiating a written agreement encourages you to talk, open up and even laugh when exploring these issues.

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Couple’s Sex Contract – same terms and conditions (however this document uses gender neutral terminology.  Suitable for non-married couples and LGBT).

More Information

Are you getting married and worried about your sex life after tying the knot?

Perhaps you are happily married but just feel like something is missing in the bedroom?

It’s not unusual to have these concerns. Don’t feel bad or selfish either. Many couples find themselves feeling like this. It’s those who address the issue that find lasting satisfaction in their relationship. So how do you address the problem? By agreeing on a mutually beneficial arrangement about your sexual intimacy.

Drafting an agreement for intimacy can have huge benefits for your marriage. It doesn’t make your intimate time any less romantic, nor does it take away your right to have spontaneous sex any time you want. It just ensures that both of your needs are understood and being met.

Download your copy today and start negotiating the erotic parts of your married life!

Note: Just because intimacy negotiated doesn’t mean it’s any less romantic.

It simply takes away the false hopes and guesswork.


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