Treating yourselves to casual sex but wondering if it could be more? The casual sex & dating agreement is a fun way to see where things might lead.

Contract Features

  • Makes the adventure more fun & interesting.
  • Flexibility – causal sex with a dash of dating on the side.
  • Discover faster whether it’s just sex or if there could be something more.
  • Set clear boundaries to avoid situations which typically destroy relationships and even casual sex friendships.
  • Prevents you getting involved too quickly (emotionally, financially) & therefore helps to avoid emotional pain.
  • List of possible sex acts to give you lots of fun options.
  • A great way to bring up sensitive issues.
  • Helps to explore your options with casual sex & dating.
  • File format: PDF (fillable & savable form fields).
  • Pages: 25.
  • File size: 5.93MB.

Casual Sex and Dating Agreement

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Why a Contract for Casual Sex AND Dating?

Man and woman about to have casual sexThis agreement is something you can put to the person you are seeing if you’re not exactly sure where you both stand. It’s specifically designed to empower you both to discuss your needs and wants. It’s flexible enough to provide for just casual sex but also to develop into something more if the desire is there.

When you first begin seeing someone it can be extremely difficult to judge the other person’s intentions. Excitement is running high and sometimes meanings can be misjudged. What does the other person want? What do I want? Communication can be difficult even among long-term couples. That’s why it’s best to outline your intentions right from the start. There are restrictions in the agreement on what you can do and ask of one another. When someone is denied of taking a relationship further, it may just make them want it more.

So, whoever gets stronger feelings will want to end this agreement and will want to begin a new one at the next level (a relationship). That means if either party has feelings for the other, your arrangement won’t last long as a casual thing. The agreement will either come to an end completely or it may signal the beginning of something new. Either way, the idea is to enable you to end casual sex early enough for neither party to get hurt. It’s an excellent way to speed up communication and gives both parties a position of power. Whatever you want out of the deal, this contract can get if for you. Good luck and have fun!

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