The Casual Sex Agreement


Casual Sex Agreement

  • Adds excitement to the adventure
  • Have fun without guilt or confusion
  • Detailed boundaries help you avoid emotional situations
  • Specific promises to make the arrangement fun and safe
  • Avoids false hopes
  • The act of signing gives more effect to your promises than words alone
  • List of sexual activities to check off – lots of fun options
  • A way to bring up sensitive issues & explore your options with casual sex
  • Editable & savable PDF fields
  • Pages: 25
  • File size: 4.23MB

(25 page .pdf document)

Why have an agreement?

It’s fun & raunchy! Plus you can set clear boundaries and make your intentions known from the start by signing a mutually beneficial contract. When you engage in sexual intimacy with someone, emotions run high and the situation can get misread very quickly. Both parties should know and agree that it’s just about casual sex, nothing more.

Even if you verbally agree on this in the beginning, many ‘friends with benefits’ still gradually break the boundaries. Unfortunately, the feelings are usually only one sided and this can lead to potential emotional disaster, and unwanted behavior like stalking. Avoid this and make an agreement for both your sakes.

If you’d like to combine casual sex with some dating, see our Casual Sex & Dating Agreement.

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Tips for sticking with your Casual Sex Agreement


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