While most massage parlors that you hear about are frequented by men, this is a recipe that can be performed and received by either partner. For the version of this recipe, the man will be setting things up to surprise his wife or girlfriend. Just keep in mind that the woman can easily reverse the process to give her man a special treat.

To set the stage for this particular recipe of love, a quick trip to one department store or specialty shop should be all that you need. Plus, there is a lot of material written on the subject of tantric or erotic massage. If you want to add a little something special to the night, you can always scan over some of the easier aspects of that sort of massage. On the other hand, once you start to touch your woman with those magical hands of yours, it most likely won’t matter. By then, you’ll be touching her in a very intimate manner that should work together with all of the other things that you’ll be supplying for this event to produce a lot of passion.

Couple engaging in erotic massageIngredients

  • A Surface for the Massage
  • Incense
  • Scented Candles
  • Various types of Massage Oils
  • Appropriate Music
  • Clean, Soft Towels


You need to prepare the massage surface. It’s not necessary to use a massage table as the bed will do just as well. Even the floor will work as long as it is comfortable enough for your partner as well as yourself. Have clean soft towels handy to the surface or use them as a pillow. Light some incense conducive to bringing about a sexy mood. Scented candles should be lighted and placed in various areas around the room to create a seductive ambience.

Start playing the music that you have selected. This will also work to stimulate the senses along with the emotions and should lead to desire. Of course, your massage will work wonders in that area as well.

The massage oil can be either warmed ahead of time or at the moment of use by rubbing it between the palms of your hands. Whatever way you decide to warm it, just make sure that it is indeed warm when you apply it to her nude body. Any noise that she makes should be a sexy moan of pleasure rather than a startled shriek of something cold and uncomfortable making contact with her bare skin.

This is the moment where you begin to touch her in a special way that will make her relaxed and aroused simultaneously. If you read up on the tantric or erotic massage, you can use a few of the more basic techniques that you’ve mastered. On the other hand, if you have chosen to forego learning something new in time for your night of pleasure, some normal erotic touching at the right places is certain to have her begging you for more in no time.

Something else you may want to decide is whether or not you want this massage to conclude in a Happy Ending for her or if you want to use it as foreplay so that the two of you can move on to a more involved encounter. It may also be that you can have both of these things.

You may want to plan a night where both of you are getting and receiving massages. In this way, both of you can benefit from the titillation that just the right sort of touching can convey.

Don’t be surprised if this becomes a regular favorite night time activity once you have enjoyed it for the first time. It is something that will create a lot of intimacy between the two of you that will be long lasting and memorable.

Use our sex recipes in conjunction with your Marriage Sex Contract or Casual Sex Agreement to spice up your sex life and maintain intimacy within your relationship.