You’ve most likely heard about a drink called Sex on the Beach, which is a drink that some people find so delicious that they compare it to having sex out on the beach. When thinking about something so intimate and romantic, you most likely visualize lying in a little cove on the beach with your partner at sunset. It can be the perfect setting for a sexual encounter.

What you might not realize, though, is that you can recreate sex on the beach whether you happen to be at a real beach or not. You can enjoy this particular fantasy right in your own home or backyard. The location really doesn’t matter. If you can’t find your way to a beach for this bit of fun and games; it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the same sort of excitement and sensuality that a beach encounter provides.

Husband and wife being romantic on the beachIngredients:

  • A large plastic tarp
  • Clean sand to cover the tarp
  • Ingredients for Sex on the Beach drinks
  • CD of waves crashing on the shore


You need to choose the place where you will arrange things for this From Here to Eternity re-enactment. Whether it’s in a room of your home or in your backyard, all you have to do is make the choice. Next, you need to spread out the plastic tarp and pack the sand down on it. You can get clean sand from the same places that sell children’s sandboxes. It needs to be clean and packed down firm just as it would be on the beach right by the water’s edge.

Put on some beach clothes. This can be a swimsuit, shorts, or even just a towel. That’s up to you. Just be sure that you also choose something for your partner to wear. Just before your partner is brought into the scene, mix the Sex on the Beach drinks and turn on the CD of waves crashing. Now you’ve got the right ambience.

As you sit on the sand together and enjoy your drinks, allow some flirting and light touching that will become a bit more intensive as things go along. Gradually, the passion builds between the two of you and, as you kiss, you fall back onto the sand. This is where you can begin to have your own version of sex on the beach.

As a side note, if you do manage to get to the beach so that you can do this for real; be sure that you choose close to sunset. This means that it will be a little darker and people won’t see you quite as easily. In addition, you need to find a small secluded area such as a cove. Keep in mind that public displays of sexual acts can get you arrested so be very sure that your area of choice is actually a very private one.

One more thing to remember is to always use your imagination when setting up a fantasy scene. For example, if it is cooler weather and you have a fireplace, you can set things up near a fire and pretend that you’ve got a little beach fire going. You can add all sorts of things to this basic recipe to make it a night to remember.

Use our sex recipes in conjunction with one of our Sex Agreements to spice up your sex life and maintain intimacy within your relationship.