Who hasn’t played the game of Tarzan and Jane? Most of the time this was probably done when you were children and you could easily climb trees or had swings available to you. A rope was most likely a part of the fun and games, too. If you’ve watched any Tarzan movie, you already are familiar with the primitive yell that Tarzan gives when swinging to Jane’s rescue. In fact, it’s that very yell and rope swing that has endured the test of time and is still very well-known today. Even modern children play the Tarzan game.

What you may not have considered doing is bringing this game into your sex life. This recipe for sexy fun is going to allow you to do just that. Following, you will find the basics and then you can add or subtract to them as you see fit. A warning here is that this can be one of the more costly and complicated recipes to arrange but altering it to suit you and your partner can keep it in your price and ability range.

Jane in bikinis hiding in the bushesIngredients:

  • A private outdoor space with a strong tree limb or a high ceilinged room inside with strong exposed beams
  • A long and strong rope or a purchased sex swing
  • CD of jungle music and sounds
  • Scented candles
  • Various selections of fruits
  • Faux fur rug


Depending on whether or not you’ve decided to go with an indoor location and a sex swing or the outside location with a rope, you’ll need to set the stage accordingly. For indoors, the sex swing can be attached to the strong beams so that you’ll be able to sit in the swing for some very interesting sexual positions. The rope can actually be used inside as well with a bit of restraint, but it will offer full swinging range outside

There should be lighted candles or Tiki torches placed around the area to offer atmosphere. The same can be said of the CD of jungle music and sounds. If you’re indoors and have access to a fireplace, this can be used as extra ambience as well as warmth on a cold night. The faux fur rug should be placed on the floor in front of the fire or on the ground outside. Both partners should be dressed in leafy outfits that cover very little. Jane should call out for help and Tarzan should swing in on his rope doing his primitive jungle yell. Once she is rescued, Jane and Tarzan share the platter of sliced fruits together while flirting in a very open way.

Eventually, they give into their building desires and enjoy a night of passion and jungle sex together. If you’ve never played with a sex swing, be sure to do some research prior to putting it into use. Also, add a bit of authenticity by decorating it with an assortment of fake leaves and flowers entwined together. These can be found in the craft section of any department store. Now you have all you need to have a night to remember. What you do with it is up to you.

Use our sex recipes in conjunction with your Marriage Sex Contract or Casual Sex & Dating Agreement to spice up your sex life and maintain intimacy within your relationship.