Believe it or not, there are many women that crave the idea of having a night of fun with Santa Clause that has nothing to do with Rudolph guiding his sleigh or delivering gifts. That’s right. These women want to knock boots with the Big Boy and they don’t need for him to bring them any presents except for himself and a willing attitude. Therefore, when the holidays are just around the corner, this little fantasy recipe can really help those men with women who love Santa gain a lot of points.

This recipe falls somewhere between affordable and easy and elaborate. It isn’t going to drain your bank account or cause you a lot of work to make this happen but you will need to be somewhat of an actor if you are going to re-create your woman’s fantasy of sitting on Santa’s lap.

young woman in lingerie sitting on man's lapIngredients:

  • A Santa Clause Costume, complete with beard and boots
  • A Large Chair
  • Decorated Christmas Tree
  • A Blank Invitation


The first thing on the list is to locate an authentic looking Santa Clause costume. If you happen to live near a costume shop, you should be able to find one there to rent or buy. On the other hand, the Internet will have whatever you need in the way of a Santa costume although it may cost you a bit more because you will be buying it rather than renting it. At any rate, you will need to give yourself plenty of time to obtain this costume so you can free your time to get everything else arranged.

A good time to do this fantasy is on Christmas Eve. By then, you will most likely have your tree set up and decorated. The lights on the tree can serve to illuminate a festive background for your holiday fantasy seduction. Have your wife or girlfriend take a shower or send her off on an errand. How you manage to get the privacy you need to dress yourself will be up to you. But once you have occupied her for a few minutes, all you need to do is slip into your costume.

Prior to the evening, you should create a fancy invitation of some sort that invites her to come to the room where you have set up everything. Leave it in a place where she will easily find it. Your goal here is to be sitting in the large chair wearing your Santa costume. When she enters the room, you let a huge HO! HO! HO! and invite her to come and sit on Santa’s lap to tell him what she wants for Christmas.

Once she is seated on your lap, you can just let nature take its course. If she’s been fantasizing about sex with Santa for years, most likely she will take control of the situation. It might even be a good idea to not have on any underwear beneath your costume. Things can take a very quick and naughty turn.

By the time you have completed this particular fantasy recipe, your woman will most likely be at the top of your Naughty List, but who cares? You will both have had too much fun to want to be nice!

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