This is a recipe for a more romantic and seductive evening for you and your partner. While you may be serving your man in various ways, you will also get something from it. Fantasies can be a lot of fun and role playing is definitely the best way to enhance your sexual encounters but, sometimes, all you need is just the two of you and a bit of the right ambiance to make everything work out exactly right. In this instance, you’re going to be in the role of serving but it’s going to be more of a two way street as things move along.

Wife making dinner for husband nakedIngredients:

  • A full frilly apron that covers much of your front and little of your back
  • Sexy shoes (heels if you can manage it or just go barefoot)
  • Ingredients for your partner’s favorite meal
  • Scented candles
  • Sexy music
  • Strawberries (or other favorite fruit)
  • Whipped Cream
  • Chocolate Sauce


Get dinner started cooking ahead of time if it will be something that needs to bake or roast. As it is cooking, make the setting one with candles, flowers and sexy music. If you have a fireplace and the weather permits, light a fire and place floor pillows in front of it for later.

Make time to take a luxurious bath or shower using your partner’s favorite scent. This is one time that you won’t need to have a fancy outfit because the only things that you’ll be wearing are the apron and the shoes. If you choose to go barefoot, find time for a pedicure so that your toenails will be colorful and sexy. You might want to do that even if you’re going to be wearing sexy shoes because, at some point, those shoes will be removed.

Once your makeup and hair is complete, don the apron and shoes and head into the kitchen. Now is when you put the finishing touches on everything prior to your partner arriving home. The point is that you’ll want to be in the kitchen wearing only your apron and shoes when he comes in so that he’ll get the full effect. When he does arrive, greet him with a long sexy kiss and tell him to have a seat at the table where candles are casting a soft light.

Bring the food to the table and offer to ladle out his portions onto his plate. Pour the wine or whatever beverage you’re serving and set it all in front of him. Throughout the meal, you’ll be getting him anything that he requires. Each time you make a trip into the kitchen, he’ll get a full view of your luscious bare backside so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to fetch quite a few things as dinner is enjoyed.

The entire meal should be one of seductiveness that serves as non-physical foreplay. This is definitely something that should have a special dessert at the end. The fresh strawberries will do the trick. Tell him that you’re going to get dessert and pop into the kitchen. Move to an area where he cannot easily see you and apply a whipped cream teddy with strawberries placed in strategic areas. When you next emerge minus the apron, it will be clear that you are the dessert.

He should be quite happy to eat the strawberries and whipped cream from your body. This will only be the beginning of a long and passion filled night for the two of you so you better have plenty of whipped cream on hand as well as the chocolate sauce. Even though you may have begun the evening as the one serving him, the rest of the night will have you both serving each other.

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