Sometimes it’s great to turn sexual encounters around with a little kink and spice added into the mix. This particular recipe will give you some spicy sex as well as some fun and intense excitement of the kind that you’ve most likely never experienced. While this can be done with the man on the bed or the woman on the bed, for this particular version, it will be the woman performing the action with the man on the receiving end of the extreme pleasure.

This is one of those inexpensive and very simple recipes for sex that can be done with either advance planning or on the spur of the moment. It’s a very adaptable recipe that is guaranteed to produce some of the most high octane sex you’ve ever had or will likely ever have with anyone. You and your partner have the ability to make this experience whatever you want it to be.

If you have the money and want to put a little more into the overall encounter, you can book a hotel room for the night and set up everything there. This can include a little role playing or whatever else you might want to throw in to make things more exciting. Whatever you decide to do in setting things up, the effort will be well worth it.

Wife ready to seduce husband in bedIngredients:

  • Rope, velvet drapery cord or something to serve as a binder strong enough to tie down wrists and ankles
  • Candles, scented or unscented
  • Twin to full size bed

This is one of those activities that requires a shower beforehand especially for the one that will be tied up. In this case, as the man is being used as receiver, instruct him to take a shower. As you’re going to remain in charge for this encounter, he must shower by himself without any help from you. While he is in the shower, set out the candles in various areas of the room and light them.  Once he has showered, tell him to dry his body with a towel and then lie down on the bed on his back. Have him stretch his arms up and over his head so that you can tie his wrists to the headboard. His legs should be spread apart and his ankles tied to the bottom of the bed.

If the bed doesn’t happen to have something to tie onto, then you may need to simply tie the wrists together with one rope and the ankles together in the same fashion. You may want to use another surface if the bed isn’t equipped with bedposts if something else is available.

Once you’ve got your man all trussed up in some way, instruct him that he’s not allowed to move. Strip off all of your clothes so that you’re also nude. Take your time in teasing him by putting various parts of your body just out of reach of his mouth such as your nipples and genital area. Make him want you desperately. When he’s almost whimpering with lust, start at his mouth by kissing him long and passionately

Then move down his body with the tip of your tongue. It may take a while to cover it all but you will want to touch every part of his body with your tongue except for one area. Do not touch his penis and testicles in any way. This is what he will want the most and you are going to withhold that from him until the last second. This is very exciting and men have actually been known to experience an orgasm without ever having that part of their body directly stimulated. Obviously, as you’re in charge, you’ll be able to receive your own satisfaction in the process.

The main thing to remember in this particular recipe for great sex is to be patient, take it slow and just really get into it with everything you’ve got.

Use our sex recipes in conjunction with your Marriage Sex Agreement to spice up your sex life and maintain intimacy within your relationship.