My husband and I had reached a stage in our marriage where our sex life was basically non-existent. He would come in the bed and kiss me on my forehead and go to sleep. We were both in our mid-thirties and had been married for almost five years, our anniversary was coming up and I wanted to try something to see if we could get the spark back in our relationship, but I was clueless as to what to try.

One day I was at the beauty salon getting my hair and nails done and I overheard a lady talking to her hairdresser about how her husband came in bed one night playing a sexual fiction audiobook and how turned on she was. She told her that prior to this, her interest in sex had been very little and now she can’t get enough.

This lady gave me the idea I was looking for and I hoped it had the same effect on my husband as it did on her. I went on the internet and looked up a few, read the reviews and settled on purchasing three. They arrived in two days and I set my plan in action. I made sure to shave and had on sexy lingerie and let my hair down and took my new book with me to bed.

Jim came in the bed and did the same thing he did every night, kissed me on my forehead and went off to sleep. I knew it took him a while to fall asleep and my book was already playing so I just waited to see if he would respond. The story got to a very erotic scene and Jim stirred, I was unsure if it was the book that caused it or he was just moving in his sleep. Shortly after he rolled over and hugged me so that I was lying on his arms and we were listening to the book that way. He was no longer pretending to be asleep and I could feel him ‘rising’. My husband, who hadn’t made love to me in almost two weeks, was ready for me and willing to make love to me without any serious coercion on my part. He removed his hand and made sweet love to me, like he had never done before.

This book seemed to be my miracle, but after a few days of constant love making, even without the book, I realized that he just needed a little inspiration, a little push. Listening to the audiobook, hearing those sensual words being said is a total turn on and it is hard to resist. My husband and I are closer than ever and it is because we bond over the books. Some couples use porn, but we use these, it is like our foreplay and I am happy I went to the beauty salon that day and heard that lady speak of her experience.

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