“It’s Tuesday, nibble to the right.”

Sandy tipped his head back and looked at Corinne. He had a blank look on his face as if confused what she had ordered. Her breasts lay flaccid on her chest, waiting.

Man kissing a womans nipple“Go on!”

“But, Tuesday is left day, dear.”

Sandy lowered his lips to Corinne’s left nipple and started to suck. She slapped him.

“Do I need to pull out the paperwork?”

“If you must, my dear.”

Corinne jumped up, leaving Sandy on the carpeted floor, his hard on sliding into softness. She ran to the bedroom and came back with a sheet of paper. Upon seeing his cock lying sadly on his bare thigh, she took her foot and massaged his balls until it rose again. She read from the paper as she worked her toes over the flesh of his hard cock, pushing the foreskin up and down. She was able to spread her toes wide enough that she wrap the big toe and the one next to it around his dick and squeeze as she pumped him until he thought he would come.

“Let’s see,” Corinne read. “Tuesdays are … right nights.”

She tossed the paper to Sandy on the floor. It hit his face. Corinne’s foot lifted off his penis and she knelt beside him, massaged his balls with her hand as he read it for himself.

“So it is. I guess I was wrong, dear.”

“You owe me,” she said, lowering her right breast to his lips. He took the nipple between his teeth and sucked on it, hard. Corinne jerked it back, snapping her breast against her chest then jumped on top of Sandy, straddling his cock. She took her hand and maneuvered Sandy’s dick to the opening between her legs, slid it in. Then she leaned forward again and stuck her right nipple in his mouth one more time.

Without hesitation, Sandy took it. He sucked it. He sucked it hard as Corinne rode his cock, slapping his balls with her shaved cunt.

“You like it, slave boy? You like my right titty?”

Sandy heaved.

“Yes, mistress. Your servant loves your right titty. He loves it dearly.”
Corinne slapped Sandy on the right cheek, watching it turn rosy red.

“That’s right,” Sandy screamed. “That’s right, Mama! Give me what I deserve.”

She slapped again on the right cheek then lowered her right breast to his mouth again.

“Suck it, motherfucker.”

Sandy took her nipple in his mouth and wiggled his tongue across the nipple, getting it wet. He sucked as Corinne bounced, working his dick with her pussy, fucking him hard. In seconds, he was shooting up inside her. Corinne felt the cum jet into her canal and jumped up, pushing her foot to Sandy’s throat, putting just enough pressure on his Adam’s apple to keep him at his limit. He sprayed all over himself.

When she knew that he was spent, Corinne removed her foot and left the room. Sandy lay on the carpet catching his breath. After the heat subsided, he took the contract laying beside his head and read it one more time.