When I was 25 years old, I was living in Vancouver, Canada. I was working on many film projects in the area, and life was going really well. Vancouver is a major film capitol of the Northwest, and was named the Hollywood of the north. I was lucky enough to be on a crew that was helping with the new “Tron legacy” movie a few years back. While in ways it was glamorous and wonderful; it was definitely strenuous. I was a powerful woman who enjoyed feeling sexy and commanding, overseeing about 7 animators that were the cream of the crop in the industry. We were working long hours and not staying permanently, most of us were from LA, San Diego and New York. I treated everyone well, but tried hard to command a powerful and sexy presence.

All of the animators under me were men; and all but just one of them was cute. I did not have a boyfriend back at home and just wanted to meet somebody here in Vancouver, badly. As production time really started to heat up and we were in demand, I was satisfied with all the guys’ work, but some of the directors were rejecting some of our well done animated frames. I had to parade in front of the guys and act demanding on behalf of the client; and I did not enjoy it. However, I was wearing a sexy slit skirt and my long black hair flowed down my white top on the sides and back. I demanded that we must be working longer hours, and really leaned forward towards the conference table and showed some cleavage.

Well, another man working on the team named Mike really noticed my body and cleavage leaning forward and stayed after the meeting to ask particulars. He basically just asked about particulars like if we really had to quality control all of the material, and at the end of his tirade, looked down nervously; I knew that he just wanted to spend time with me alone in a room. I wasted no time, and locked the conference room door. Mike was about 3 years older than me and had bleached blonde hair, a talented animator and pulled his share of the workload all of the time. I cut right to the chase, sat facing front on his lap, and kissed him for a very long time. He responded by putting both of his hands on my ass where I wanted them. He raised my skirt, and did not even take off the vest part of my outer blouse. He turned me around, pulled my panties down and reached two fingers around my right side. He got me wet quickly with his finger, and after awhile jammed his cock in me doggy style and lifted me quickly up and down from behind.

I could feel myself pulsating up and down and my neck getting warm as Mike thrust inside of me. I was not even that mean to him during the meeting, he just fed intensely off my caffeine induced stress ride and need for sex in a new city. The situation was very strange for me because I had wanted to ride on top of him, and instead he turned me around quickly, lifted up my skirt and fucked me from behind. After about five or six minutes he came, and pulled himself out of me. I caught my breath and sat on another chair with my hand on my forehead. We both agreed that this had to go on, but due to the nature of our business, had to be secret. We both being very well read knew that sex agreements were one way to keep things a secret, and let each other know that we wanted to do this frequently, to relieve tension.

We met in the break room one rainy night in the post production studio, and the two of us never even had sex together at our respective apartments. We quickly outlined in our sex agreement that this was to be kept under wraps, a definite secret while in Vancouver doing the big movie together. Since I was a manager, I had keys to areas where him and I could safely have sex. We also outlined in our sex agreement that this was going to be completely casual with no attachments, and that we would have sex on every third day at the studio. Sometimes just because our urges were very human, we would give up and ravish each other on the second day. Mike and I’s sex agreement worked out incredibly well, and as you all know, the movie we were working on worked out very well too. There was really no other time in my life where I had felt such instant attraction; Mike and I had a lot of sex in that Vancouver studio house.

I guess plenty of times that happens in show business; and our agreement really helped us. We almost got caught a few times in the act, but that was part of the danger. Mike never told any co workers about our agreement. I respect him for that, and haven’t talked to him for awhile. But during our agreement together I sucked his cock many times and fucked him many more; so I have to say our agreement was of the utmost top caliber!