When I was 32 years old, I was studying in Chicago for a medical degree. I loved it here, the pace and the largeness of everything, and loved that it was not nearly as rude seeming as where I was from back East. I had previously been only with men sexually and was very attracted to men’s bodies and mannerisms. I had only even thought about being with a woman a few times; once on the beach in North Carolina I saw a young blonde’s perky breasts and beautiful legs and quickly envisioned her naked and smiling at me. It was brief, but tantalizing. Once the rigorous studies started and I even had to take biochemistry, the last thing I envisioned was getting with a girl.

Eva was assigned to be my lab partner and she was about two years younger than me. She was brainy and intelligent, also very muscular, with very big tits and kind of a brash sense of humor. After about two weeks, she was joking around a lot with me before the professor got there, sitting on my lap during lab assignments and even standing behind me running her fingers through my hair. This being graduate school, folks really weren’t too worried about manners during class; and shrugged it off as liberal behavior. I was slowly finding myself in a tunnel of attraction that revolved around thinking about her frequently. And she was coming over later that night to study.

Well she was wearing a really hot black blouse and jean shorts that showed her calves that night. We only studied for about fifteen minutes and we were into a fine bottle of wine! Well I quickly had that blouse off and was sucking on her tits, and she sat on my lap topless, facing me. As the wine spilled off the table on accident, neither of us cared. Her breasts were perfect for me to lick and I kept doing so, Eva reached up the slit side of my skirt and cupped my thigh for a minute with a cool, knowing hand. She began to finger me at a slow speed, massaging me and I became wet in about 15 seconds. All of a sudden she spread my legs apart much farther than any man had. I was shocked as I felt the cool air rushing on my upper thighs. It was almost as if I was doing the splits on the couch, at least that’s what it felt like. as she licked me up and down, left and right, she gently massaged my inner thighs and sometimes had her hand on my butt. This first encounter we did not have toys to play with of any sort, but my amazement was simply that I was not insecure or shy. I didn’t feel like my inwardly inherited definition of a “lesbian”; I just felt as if I was enjoying some great sex.

The next week that Eva was at my house she proposed something that was definitely new for me. It was only going to be our second time fooling around, and she wanted to have a sex agreement! I was not afraid or leery, because she was a very patient, friendly individual. What her casual sex agreement entailed is that we were just two graduate students having a great time. It spelled out some specifics of us not getting attached, although did not really talk about having multiple partners. Well, I had never done anything this formal before, but since our first night together was lovely, I tried it.

We had many fun times, down on the pier, shopping on Lakeshore, and seeing the museums of the big city. Since it was so purely sexual it never really felt like a romance, and for us, this particular arrangement was perfect. When we parted ways about 5 months later, we kept in touch and did really feel a sense of loss. If you have not tried a casual sex agreement, I do recommend it. It may not be for everyone; but at this juncture in my life for experimentation, it was perfect. Her tongue was simply one of the best thing I have ever felt when it was inside of me! And that’s the difference between sex and true romance; I miss her physical attributes more than our relationship. It’s still one hell of a thing to miss!