Couple’s Sex Contract

A Fun Sexual Agreement for Couples


What is it?

The Erotic Contract is a fun legal style document that couples can use to discuss, negotiate and agree on issues relating to intimacy.

What does it do?

  • The perfect ice breaker – many couples never express their sexual wants and needs, even though they truly want to. Just bringing up the topic can be daunting. Filling out an Erotic Contract is a lighthearted way to introduce that sexy conversation.
  • Tempts you to explore – it’s just the kick you need to amp up your love life and keep it in the spotlight. Use the Negotiation Sheet to create, talk about and plan your sexy adventures.
  • Helps to keep sexual intimacy a priority – having your agreement set out in writing makes your arrangement seem more official. You both know where you stand, so there’s no guesswork – just plain old fun. And no, spontaneity is not off the cards either!
  • Keeps you talking – a main reason why relationships fail is couples not knowing how to communicate. Negotiating a written agreement encourages you to talk, open up and even laugh when exploring these issues.

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Think you’re alone? Here’s what others have to say:

“We are enjoying the new excitement that we achieve by being very open about our sexual preferences and enjoyment of each others’ talents. We have also branched into other areas and it is exciting to see specifically what we may be too shy to express verbally. This allows us to be much more open, and also ensures that we both achieve a desired level of pleasure from our activities. Also, it allows us to push the boundaries of our sexuality.”

“I travel for work a lot, often for weeks at a time. I was talking to my wife recently about the “things” we look forward to doing when I get home. She told me she wanted to see it all in writing. I decided to have a little fun with it and surprise her with a sex contract. She loved it.”


“I bought this Contract because my man deserves the best. It was certainly a fun way to bring him some satisfaction. I wanted to explore what I am willing to try for him and for us. This document really helped. Thank you!”


Pages: 30
Format: PDF
File Size: 4.62MB
Fillable Fields: Yes
Savable Fields: Yes
Password Protected: Yes

Table of Contents:
Intimate Disclosures
Interpersonal Dynamics
Sexual Activities & Limits
Self Pleasure
Maintaining the Spice
Loss of Desire
Safety & Safe words
Termination & Renewal

Does it really work?

This might shock you. You don’t need to master all the sex positions to keep your intimacy alive. Nobody does!

It’s about creating that desire over and over again and keeping that passion and the chemistry alive.

Good sex isn’t just the positions you try. You can perform the most erotic position in the world and it won’t make a difference if the desire just isn’t there.

So, how do you maintain that spice? Through communication – by openly sharing your sexual curiosities and fantasies. The reality is, for most people that sounds scary!

It doesn’t have to be. Start with our Erotic Contract and see where your fantasies take you.

Get your copy, it’s only $17!