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Step 1 – Personal Enrichment

All too often, people forget that any marriage or relationship is actually comprised of two individuals. Indeed, magazines and TV shows and all kinds of modern media are keen to tell us that we should be absolutely one and the same with our romantic partner.The closer you are to being one unified being, society tells us, the happier you will be.As lovely as idea as that is, it often results in individuals putting all their energy into maintaining the relationship while forgetting to maintain themselves…

Step 2 – The Erotic Smorgasbord

Now that we’ve spent some time working on your self-esteem and self-identity…
we’re going to turn our attention to the sexual side of things….One of the most important ingredients for an active and fulfilling sex life is a strong and secure knowledge of what you enjoy, and what turns you on.This step will give you some tools with which to explore your erotic desires and fantasies, and which will help you get a clearer idea of just what you want to happen in the bedroom…

Step 3 – Anatomical Sexploration

You may be happy to discover, this step is more tactile and involves less reading. Yay!The purpose of this step is to familiarize yourself with the human sexual anatomy and the areas which bring men, women and, most importantly, you most sexual pleasure…The skin on the vulva is incredibly sensitive. Harder strokes cause more pain than pleasure. You may like to start slowly and very lightly at first, with pressure that is sufficient enough just to move the skin back and forth, then…

Step 4 – Building Trust & Intimacy

You won’t find many people who are willing to question the importance of trust in a relationship.Every relationship guide, every advice column, and every article about relationships will at some point mention trust, intimacy and the importance of maintaining them both. They are, if you like, the foundation of all the best relationships.But what does it mean to trust someone? Or to be intimate with them? …

Step 5 – Carnal Instincts

Finally, it’s the chapter you’ve been waiting for!Yes, we have done a lot of groundwork to get to this point – but people all too often underestimate just how strong the foundations of a good relationship need to be.The good news is this: now that you’ve spent all that time ensuring that you know yourself, that you have a decent awareness of your own sexuality, and that you trust your partner, it’s finally time to get down and dirty…

Step 6 – Intimate Negotiations

Throughout this course, you both gained an insight into the extent and types of intimacy you may desire, want and need in your relationship.Remember the lists in step 2? It’s now time to expand on these and think about the intimate side of your relationship as a whole.This is the only way to make sure that each party gets what they want in the future…

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Step 1 – Personal Enrichment
Step 2 – The Erotic Smorgasbo