In today’s society there are so many things we can do and learn without having to pay a dollar. We can find almost anything on the internet and this sometimes makes life so much easier for us. There are things we want to know and are embarrassed to ask and many of us, myself included, are grateful for the invention of the internet. YouTube provides us with not only information, but videos to actually show us what to do. So when your married sex life needs a little improvement, you can use YouTube to do that. Here’s how:

  1. Search for videos on how to improve your sex life – After doing this, you will see a lot of videos come up. Many will be stating reasons why your sex life needs improving and what could be going wrong in your relationship, while others will be stating the various ways to improve it.
  2. How to exercise for better sex – This search will show you various exercises geared at improving your sex life. They are designed to make you more flexible so that you can be more adventurous in bed. Not only are these fun, they are also educational and you will tone a few muscles in the process.
  3. Yoga for better sex – Here you will find yoga poses and positions that will definitely improve your sex life. You can try the ones you are most comfortable with and you will be surprised at how fun sex becomes. These will teach you to incorporate all aspects of yoga in your sex life to have earth shattering sex with your husband or wife.
  4. Sex Positions – This search will undoubtedly have you blushing. There is a wealth of video tutorials on countless sex positions available. The favorites of both men and women and positions on how to optimize stimulation as well.
  5. Oral Sex – Tips and tips galore! There are tips on how to give oral sex to women and men here. If your husband doesn’t know what to do, you can take him to YouTube and vice versa. These videos will make you feel like you are being taught in a school or by a sex therapist.
  6. Foreplay – This search will result in numerous videos on how to give or enhance foreplay, whether by hand or mouth and will also show you how to give foreplay without even touching your spouse. Some will teach you how to give foreplay all day long via the various methods of technology now at our disposal.

Whether your sex life is in a rut or you are just looking for ways to make it better, YouTube is where you will definitely find great solutions. There are tutorials on just about every question you may have and they are free and at your disposal. If your wife doesn’t like your oral sex skills or you just need to learn new tricks to make her melt, that is where you can learn. With YouTube, you will be able to see and not only read the answers to your questions. Watch your videos and enjoy!

Use these tips along with our Marriage Sex Contract to spice up your love life!