Good sex is a fundamental part of every relationship and we are not all lucky to have this. For one reason or another we are often lacking in this department. The following lists ways in which you can improve your sex life and enjoy your relationship more.

  1. Communicate with your partner – Being open with each other about everything and not only sex will make you feel closer to each other. Tell your partner about your day and gossip with them; make them your best friend. You will be able to communicate more with each other sexually, because you would have already built that bond and form that closeness from your everyday life activities and discussions.
  2. Spend more time on foreplay – Foreplay is what gets you excited and anticipating the main event. Foreplay is not limited to just before you have sex. Stimulate your minds and bodies all day by sending messages, emails and other forms of communication to get mentally and physical ready for your night of lovemaking. Telling your spouse how hot they looked this morning when they left for work is a form of foreplay. You do not have to necessarily speak about sex. Simple compliments will put their mind at ease and make them anxious to see and make love to you.
  3. Oral sex is often the result of foreplay; it is a very pleasurable act of sex and can put either sex, especially women, in the mood for sex. For women, men should use slower, softer movements and also use their hands to enhance her pleasure. For men, women should use their lips and tongue and use their hands to stroke him. Also, she should be careful not to nip him with her teeth.
  4. Trying new sex positions is also a good thing. Change it up and make an effort to try one new one each time you have sex and when you find one you like, you can add it to the ones you do regularly. Keep trying new ones, it will be fun and give you a break from the norm.
  5. Climaxing together is one of the best things you will ever experience sexually. Though not all women are able to climax, some women are and she should give the man fair warning so that they will be able to reach that ultimate milestone.
  6. When at home, wear sexy clothing if it is appropriate, this stimulates the man’s visual senses and increases attraction. Men can also look sexy, in the shirt or pants his partner finds most attractive. Or you can wear nothing at all.
  7. Use sex toys or lubricants to enhance your sexual pleasure. Incorporate a vibrator into your lovemaking and if you are not into toys you can try lubricants. They will enhance the feel and heighten the sensation.
  8. Sometimes you have to ‘plan’ sex for it to even happen if you are one of the many busy couples, but if you don’t have to plan, then don’t. Be spontaneous, have sex in the bathroom while getting ready for work or in the kitchen while cooking. You will both be smiling all day.

If none of these work, return to the sex you had when you just met. If it was good enough when you just met, then with a little tweaking and the addition of a few trick, it will work once more.
Communication is always important. If you are uncomfortable bringing up the topic, try introducing it with our marriage sex contract.