Sex is meant to be one of the most pleasurable aspects of a relationship. Both men and women tend to enjoy this act as is evidenced by the large money-making industry of sex aids, clothes, and even the ongoing search for new and improved sexual positions. Having successful sex is something of an art and is one that needs to be continuously honed in order to be the best it can be. Knowing this, it is hard to understand how sex becomes a negative issue for many couples.

Before partners decide that sex is only a by-product of being in a relationship and nothing more, it should be considered that there are reasons why maintaining sex is important for your marriage. Following are 10 of those reasons for you to read and remember:

  1. Pleasure:  Sex is one of the nicest and most exciting ways for couples to give pleasure to each other. It is about fun and playfulness as well as about re-connection and release. Having sex means (or should mean) much more than just something that must be done on occasion.
  2. Maintaining closeness: Sex enhances the love shared between two people. It literally brings couples closer together and keeps them that way. The temperature of a relationship can be measured by the frequency and desire for sex. It is pretty easy to tell when couples haven’t been having sex regularly because they don’t appear to have that closeness that comes with enjoying more sex. Of course, a lot of that will depend upon the ages of the couples involved, but generally, most healthy couples will have sex on a regular basis.
  3. Helps to prevent affairs: When either partner is being neglected sexually; that can prove to be a real danger to the overall relationship. Basically, anyone who isn’t having his or her needs met in a relationship might just go searching for someone who is willing to meet those needs. Before things get to that point, the partner that is feeling neglected should sit down and talk things out with his or her partner. At least the effort should be made to avoid the problem of affairs and infidelity.
  4. Expression of love: Romance plays a huge part in the success of relationships. Couples that kiss, caress, cuddle and fondle each other usually don’t have very many sexual issues. Sex is the ultimate expression of love from one partner to the other.
  5. Hot makeup sex: While nothing takes the place of working out issues through verbal communication, once that issue is resolved, there is nothing quite like makeup sex. It is almost like repeating that first time ever sexual experience that couples have together.
  6. Renewal/affirmation of love: Sex can be the perfect way for couples to renew and/or affirm their love for each other. While sex is a very physically pleasurable experience, it is also a very emotional one. Engaging in sex when there is love involved is the ultimate loving experience.
  7. Sex creates happiness: Having sex releases endorphins, which are those feel good substances that the brain produces. These endorphins work to cure many mental and emotional issues that may be causing depression or unhappiness. When couples in love engage in sex frequently, they are typically also very happy people.
  8. Helps keep relationships permanent: Sex is a great way to keep couples together in a permanent committed relationship. Of course, this applies to couples that love each other and that is why they are together. Sex doesn’t fix a relationship that is broken, but it will enhance one that is already built on mutual love and respect.
  9. Releases tension: Sometimes, you just need to let off some steam. If one or both partners have had a bad day, engaging in sex can be just the thing to take the edge off and turn a bad day into a good one.

Most couples will probably be able to come up with more reasons that sex is so vital in maintaining a relationship, but these should be a great start to build upon.

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