It is very frustrating when one partner wants sex more than the other. Though there are many ‘toys’ now available for our intimate needs, we prefer a person, in particular, our special person that we are in love with. Men aren’t the only ones who sometimes don’t get enough sex. Women suffer from this too, and it is just as hard for a woman as it is a man. For the women who want to get their husbands more interested in sex, follow these tips:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to find out why he has lost interest in sex. After you have discovered this, then you can move forward and try to find a solution to the problem. If his sex drive is lowered because of stress or alcohol or low testosterone levels, this can be fixed. Find out what is stressing him out and help him to get through it and hopefully all will be back to normal. For alcohol, you have to get him to stop drinking, if he is an addict then you will have to get him into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and get him help. If his testosterone levels are low, there are medications for that but use that only if after trying these tips, nothing works.
  2. Seduce him – Wait on him when he gets home from work and make sure you are dressed attractively, but you don’t have to be naked. Make him his favorite meal, be extra nice and cater to his every need. Be attentive and let him feel in control as you watch him fall right in your net of seduction. Maintain eye contact and find reasons to touch him. For example, reach into his pocket for the keys, or rest your head on his shoulders and tell him you feel a bit faint.
  3. Say his name – Instead of using pet names, address him by his name. He will know that you are thinking of only him and no-one else.
  4. Compliment him – If your husband is one of those who thrive off of compliments, then you need to be showering him with them. Give him a verbal fore-play, tell him how big and strong he is and how thick and firm his muscles are today. He will be feeling like a king and more open and interested in sex after this.
  5. Flirt with him – Bat your lashes, lick your lips, he is your husband and you should know what he likes and what will turn him on. Dip in your little bag of tricks that have worked on him before and try them again.
  6. Flashback – Remind him of a particular sexual escapade that you think he enjoyed the most. Just randomly bring it up in your conversation and watch him rise to the occasion. Include him in your story by saying things like “did you remember when we did this?” or “I liked it when you did this, did you enjoy it?” He will be ready and waiting for you.

Remember that you have to find out what the issue is first and then work on making it better. Try to negotiate an fun arrangement with him. You can use our Marriage Sex Contract to guide the way and get him excited about sex again. We hope he is all over you again soon!