While they may not show it men have as much concern over their body image as women do. This makes it vitality important that a woman be able to show a man that they admire his body during those extremely intimate moments. But just how do you go about showing the man in your life that you admire his body during sex without sounding like you are simply spouting insincere compliments.

Let Your Eyes Express Your Thoughts

One of the best ways of expressing your admiration for your man’s body is by allowing your eyes to express your thoughts about how he looks. It may take a bit of boldness on your part, but letting your eyes wander over his body in true appreciation will dispel any negative images he has about his own body and will actually make him more attracted to you.

An admiring look can express more than words will be able to express how much you appreciate your man’s body and the way he physically looks.

Let Your Hands Speak

It’s pretty obvious to a man that you admire his body when you can’t keep your hands off of him, so why not let your hands speak for you and let him know how very much his body pleases you. Whether you go for a thin sinewy body, or more that cuddly teddy bear type of bod, your desire to touch him from head to show will let him know that you think he is wonderfully made and love the fact.

In fact, it’s not just your hands touching and stroking him that tells a man how much you admire his body, it’s the fact that you’re entire body can’t seem to get close enough to him that will tell him that you find him both attractive and desirable.

Your Lips Can Tell All

There is nothing that will tell a man that you appreciate his body then those sweet and passionate kisses that tell him you love everything about him from the warmth of his skin, to those firm buttocks and thighs and every thing in between. Even something as simple as kissing his shoulder or back will let him know just how attractive you find him and his body.

It is not any one thing that you do that will let a man know that you admire his body, but all those little looks, touches, and you own response to his nearness that will make him feel as those you view his physique as that of a living god.

Have you ever considered writing up a sex agreement with your man? That’s another fantastic way to show him he’s admired and how much you want him.