With all of the past and current crazy hype surrounding the Fifty Shades of Grey books and, now the motion picture; guys should not be so surprised when their girlfriends ask them to become Christian Grey. After all, Mr. Grey is presented as physically perfect, rich, and oh so sexy. Of course, he is also a bit of a deviant when it comes to sex but, according to the books and the movie; it does not matter how messed up he may be because he is still just so pretty! Besides, isn’t having your own personal sex slave to control and do your bidding every man’s dream? Well, except for the men that would prefer to be the sex slave and be controlled.  At any rate, there really is no need to freak out over this situation.

Step One: Get Over Yourself!

To begin with, this really is not about you. It is about the fact that your girlfriend has asked you be a pretty significant part of her personal fantasy. Who are you to deny her that? After all, she had to have read the book to know about this lifestyle and yet, she wants you to be her Christian Grey. Even though you may not be rich and may be only average looking, she has chosen you to play this very important role in her fantasy. Therefore, if you love her, get over yourself and play along!

Don’t Act Shocked

The most important thing that you can do when your girlfriend asks you to be her Christian Grey is to remain calm. Do not let your jaw drop and your eyes bulge. That might just embarrass her and make her feel stupid. Keep in mind that she is trusting you with something deeply personal to her. The worst thing you can do is make a big deal out of it and act as if you have never heard of anything like this in your life. Take it for the supreme compliment that it is and move forward.

Talk It Over

Obviously, after your girlfriend makes a request of this magnitude, there needs to be some talking. There will need to be a lot of talking if this is something that has never come up in your relationship in the past and is something totally new to you. Find out what sort of things she wants you to do in regards to this fantasy. Will you need special equipment? What are the rules if there are to be any? Discuss what has made her want to try this sort of thing? Does she want it to be an experiment or something more permanent? These are all very important topics to discuss before making any kind of decisions or arrangements. After all, you need to know what is expected of you so that you are able to fulfill her fantasy completely. If you don’t know where to start, use our Kinky Contract to guide you.

Read the Book

This part might just be the most important step of all in the process. Fifty Shades of Grey can be found just about anywhere whether you do your shopping at a physical book shop or online. You can even get an eBook or audiobook copy if you don’t want a copy just lying around where someone you know might see it. When you read the book, you will get acquainted with both Christian and Anastasia. This will aid you immeasurably in knowing what you need to be planning and what sort of supplies you will need for the successful culmination of your girlfriend’s fantasy. It will also show you just how much trust is involved in what she has asked of you. Wait and see how you feel about it all once that part sinks in fully. Your girlfriend not only finds you sexy enough to pull this off for her, but she also trusts you implicitly.

Set the Stage

From the moment that your girlfriend has made her request and you have discussed it with her, it is now your turn to take charge. It is up to you to find the perfect place and outfit with everything you need for a night of unusual passion. Purchase any supplies you may need from the local adult shop or maybe even order them from an online shop. That way might be more private if you don’t want to risk anyone you know seeing you entering or exiting the adult shop. Make a list of everything you need to do and purchase so that you don’t forget a single thing.

Start Out Slowly

Depending on the type of relationship that you have with your girlfriend, you will probably want to start out slowly. Try a bit of blindfolding or even some velvet drapery cord for binding her wrists. Handcuffs can also work nicely. This is something that you may want to find a tactful way to discuss with her since you are trying to be in charge. It might be that she is not particular about how you do things just as long as you are the one planning and performing. Nothing is worse than when the expected dominant partner falls down on the job and has to get the expected submissive partner to make all of the decisions for the big night.

Get in Character

When the time comes, do your best to get in character for your girlfriend. In other words, you need to become Christian Grey. Remember how he spoke to Anastasia during their sex scenes. Get her to sign a Kinky Contract. Slip into his actions; his behavior, and treat your girlfriend as he treated Anastasia. It is a guarantee that she will play her part to perfection. Most likely, this will be a night to remember. It may also be the beginning of an entirely new chapter in your relationship.


Once you have taken this step with your girlfriend all that is left is for both of you to enjoy the experience. You might also want to keep an open mind for future sexy escapades!