One of the things that is recommended for couples that are attempting to spice up their sex lives a little is getting away from everything. The obstacle in doing this for many couples seems to be the cost involved. Everything is just so expensive that it becomes almost as stressful planning and saving for the trip as anything else in life. It is for this reason that their minds need to be opened a bit. Think outside the box, so to speak. While you may not be able to make a trip to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands; you can still create a romantic interlude that will belong to just the two of you.

Coital Camping

A very affordable getaway is the camping trip. It is also one of the most romantic choices you can make when it comes to having that quality one on one time together. Romance doesn’t always have to mean a suite at a high end hotel. Simple can be just as hot and sweet if you’re creative and open minded about what you’re doing.

Consider renting or borrowing a camper for the weekend. Of course, if you’re borrowing one from a friend of family member, you can probably afford to stay longer on your trip because you won’t be paying rental fees. Where you go is totally up to you but keep in mind that it needs to be quiet, private and peaceful if the goal is to be alone with each other.

Another way of enjoying some romantic camping is through the use of good old-fashioned tents and sleeping bags. Obviously, to keep the cost down on this, you should already have these supplies on hand. Typically, if you’re campers, you’ll have just about everything you need without needing to make a shopping trip. On the other hand, buying a small tent and some camping supplies may still be a lot cheaper than a full blown road trip, hotel room and food. A tent will allow for such things as primitive camping as long as you’re near a water source.

Another option is to camp out in your own back yard if you’re really low on money. Just be sure that you hide your car in the garage or in back of the house so people won’t know that you’re at home. Then turn off your phones and pretend that you’re really not there. Set up a tent in the back yard and enjoy your time under the stars. Besides, since your house is close by, you’ll have full access to everything you need without having to buy special supplies.

One Hour Motel

Many larger tourist cities have motels that will rent rooms out by the hour. While these may be quite popular with escorts and/or call girls, they are also marketed as a cheap, uncomplicated way for couples to reconnect or reignite a spark without having to go to a lot of trouble. Normally, the hourly rate isn’t that expensive but they can be a bit pricey if the establishment is on the higher spectrum of things.

This is a rendezvous that can bring out the sexiness in couples, even those couples that seem to have been on a sexual hiatus of sorts. In addition, you don’t have to take a lot of days to have this kind of fun. Some couples can even choose to have a long lunch and then go back to work smiling for the rest of the afternoon.

There’s No Place Like Home

A final option for those couples that really don’t have the money or time to do any of the above activities is to just stay at home. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy their own version of getting away. In fact, in cases such as these, there really is no place like home.

All you have to do is plan when you’re going to be undertaking this special home getaway and go from there. Let everyone know that you’re going to be away from home. If you’re asked where you’re going, say it’s a secret because you and your partner want to be undisturbed. Plan out the food and meals that you want to have during your private time and do your shopping ahead of time. Make sure that you’ve got everything at once so that you don’t have the need to go out again.

When the time arrives, hide your vehicle in some way, turn off all phones, and disconnect your doorbell. If someone drops by unexpectedly, ignore them. You’re not at home, remember? Even if you live in the middle of a neighborhood, you should pretend that you’re miles away. This allows couples to be together without very much expense at all.

Make Your Choice and Enjoy

Once you’ve settled on one of these affordable getaway options, all you have to do is enjoy yourself. In fact, it will most likely be a lot of fun just planning how you’ll do all of this. Just make sure to keep the adventures coming. Incorporate getaways into your sexual contract and write them on your calendar. It might even be considered foreplay in a sense as the anticipation and excitement of being alone for a sexy getaway builds as you prepare.