Military issues of deployment

One clause to marriage sex contracts that many could find strange is simply there to make the two not go crazy. And it is surprising that more and more are doing it, but it involves sex during deployment. There are couples popping up now that will put in a marriage contract the fact that it is ok for sexual acts while the other is away. Many clauses state that it is only ok if the sex is oral, and not intercourse. One reason that these issues are popping up is that if the spouse is away for months at a time, there are some folks who think that the traditional “pretending that they didn’t” act is just not going to cut it anymore. Many modern folks are simply embracing the notion that if gone for such a long time, if you have sex it may not mean that you don’t love your partner anymore; it simply means your hormones are going crazy without them there.

How much weight you can gain

A sensitive and potentially hurtful subject, it is true that there are clauses in some marriage agreements about how much weight the other partner can gain. Obviously, the more understanding versions of this contract would at least allow some time to lose the weight before immediately divorcing! Seemingly shallow but nonetheless still present in some contracts and agreements, the weight gain clause is a bit terrifying. It may seem a bit shallow for a partner to worry so much about this, but supposedly it really keeps the other in check as far as exercise and junk food. There is really no way that we could say this is 100 percent healthy, because the element of fear hanging over your head could be counterproductive. Nonetheless, this weight gain clause could drive some people to live longer, stay away from bad food, and the like. If it were me, I sure know that the meaning of dreading the scale would triple overnight! Hopefully there would be some wiggle room (literally) on how much was too much to gain.

Performance issues in contract clauses

The deeper I dug in research for this article, I found some clauses that may really startle you. There are a growing number of couples that have a performance clause in their sex agreement. As a married couple, what this means is that if one does not make the other happy, it is then contractually ok for the unsatisfied partner to get sex elsewhere. As shockingly selfish and modern as it may seem; maybe it is used as a threat, but we absolutely do know that some have followed through with it. Maybe it’s possible that it is just a mental mind game to get your partner to perform well, but it sure could cause a lot of pressure.

There may be many occurrences with this type of clause where one feels unsatisfied, claims they will look for sex elsewhere, and never actually do it. Or, the sex gotten elsewhere may be lied about, and that could be harmful to a marriage. The best use for this clause in an agreement would be in a marriage that you know each other so well that you really trust the other not to leave. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it’s hard to be so sure about sex with another partner. Just the threat of having to perform well could actually result in some very satisfying sex, bordering on bondage where the lover really feels the pressure to satisfy. These are just a few of the crazy clauses we have found in the marriage agreements of today; and if they seem taboo and insane, they are used more than we realize.