Well in today’s fast paced dating world; sometimes you want to take someone out and NOT be so serious for once! Especially on the first few dates, it is really important in our youthful culture to always convey a relaxed attitude; and wait until both people want to get serious to really get serious. If you use these ideas for dates, you probably can’t go wrong.

Some of them are ideas that others may tell you ARE serious, but it’s all about how you present yourself and the location. With spring on the way in the USA, and even if you are elsewhere; there are plenty of outdoor opportunities but we will throw in some cold weather ones if you are getting ready to experience a winter season. As long as both of you are in a good mood, you can keep it light and share some fun memories… hopefully leading to SEX!!!

1. Nature Walk: now, this is one that some think falls along the serious regiment. Why let it? When leaves change, if you are in the woods, or a designated wildlife preserve, it gives you time to get your heart rate up a little, talk about yourselves, and maybe hold hands for the first time. Depending on where you live, may even involve cliffs, or the ocean.

2. Frisbee Golf: more and more cities are building these parks in an effort to keep people outdoors, and fit. Frisbee golf is just one of those things that can never seem too serious. The courses are difficult; you may really have a laugh when the Frisbee goes in the woods and this could be a perfect opportunity to accidentally rub up against each other for the first time.

3. Haunted place: now, in some areas this is trespassing, so watch it!! But even just a small town cemetery at night, or if one if you is simply way too nervous about this, you can always get a group together and play night games like capture the flag. In the summer months, this is incredibly fun and exciting!! You may not be by your date’s side the whole time, or on opposing teams. But, it’s definitely not stuffy and serious or too romantic.

4. The toy area of the store: You have to not care what people think about you, but lots of college students have fun doing this. You won’t get kicked out for awhile, especially if maybe you are carrying a few cheap items. But late at night you can go to any large department store and just play with or look at all the new toys on the market. We guarantee that they are much different than they were ten years ago, and you will be amazed. Very not serious atmosphere!

5. Make a movie: Now, this does not have to be pornographic, that may come later. But if it’s raining outside or even if you have other people over, you can really have fun with a couple props, costumes, something renaissance era, or the like. With the cheapness of video cameras these days it is so easy to shoot these and if you want, put them right up on YouTube. There may be some sexy moments in the films and it could lead things to a fun, non serious next step.

6. Launch a rocket:  Years back, this was regarded highly nerdy behavior. It’s not anymore, and it gets you outside! Building the rocket takes time, but your local hobby stores have a few that are pre made. Some of them are a little pricy, but if it crashes and doesn’t work right, you can just laugh, go get some frozen yogurt, or just keep walking on into the greener, prettier parts of the park. A carefree way to get acquainted.

7. First Friday art: many cities all over the US and world now have “First Fridays” where the galleries in town have wine and snacks, and the atmosphere is low key. Perfect to impress someone artistic or explore a new neighborhood in the city.

8. Arcades or video game pub: some girls used to think video games were stupid, but now that retro is back, there are some bars that have the old school video games like Ms. Pacman and Frogger. Definitely would not convey too serious or romantic a theme, and if there is pinball you may get to brush up against them even more!

9. Message in a bottle: while this was meant for the more serious,it doesn’t have to be! Write a letter, humorous, meaningful, or even run of the mill, stuff it in a bottle and throw it in the ocean. Provides kind of a cool sense of teamwork and connection. Can borderline on heavy or romantic but still worth a try.

10. Thrift storing: this is about the least serious thing you can imagine.. have a contest to see who can get the coolest stuff… give each person a certain amount of cash and see who gets the coolest costume, home décor, or the like. This is especially fun around Halloween and Christmas, but still great over summer! You can even go a step further and wear the weird costumes around town and just take funny pictures.

It’s amazing what you can do when you are feeling funny and creative!