There are plenty of advantages of having casual sex. If you have been eyeing someone for awhile, it’s going to feel great to rip the clothes off of them and partake in the flesh. There are some obvious rules to play by; and things to look out for. The first is in the workplace. In a restaurant or bar environment, sometimes things can be a little easier. The environment is casual, but yes the tension can run high with jealousy. One general rule of thumb could be that the older you get, the more casual sex holds a risk. You can always overturn the rule with a few different examples, however. A lot of the problems with casual sex lie in attachment. Even though say that the younger years can give you some scarring, these are going to be the absolute best times for casual hookups. The post divorce sex is something you really need to be careful about, but it can also be a gateway to recovery.

It has been said that even an escort or other form of casual sex is healthy after a divorce. Even if some time remains after the encounter; it gets the partaker used to simply having sex again. After a bad marriage, someone is always feeling rejected or unwelcome, and it is very enthusiastic to simply take part in the act of sex again. There are some things to beware of as well; we all know that using casual sex to fill all the voids and loneliness could be unhealthy. In the teen years when you are discovering sex and learning the rhythms of your body, sometimes you are more concerned with the mechanics of it all and need someone to show you what it feels like to “be in the saddle”. Many first teen sex encounters are the type where a slightly more experienced teen girl takes him aside, pulls down his pants and blows his doors off.

In situations like that, since high school is such a strange and angst ridden time, the teen doesn’t always get attached, and fixates on the great new sex encounter and then moves on. Aggressive older females in the high school and even young college days are actually great ways for people to get used to having sex. There is seriously no emotional attachment, just the woman singling out the guy she wants to have sex with; sometimes targeting him when he is at his weakest due to alcohol. Being the victim of this kind of prowl is never too unpleasant; especially if sexual protection is used. There is such a fine line these days that exists between sexual attraction and the need for a very long term relationship; the reason why so many divorces occur is that the long term potential and attraction is there, but the crazy sexual chemistry is not.

One thing that you should always consider before a random sex hookup is how much of a big mouth your proposed partner has. If you have sexual secrets, hot buttons, and things you don’t want disclosed all over the neighborhood, you may want to have self control. Or, as in many circumstances, if you feel someone is hooking up with you to spread gossip about you, just go ahead, hook up with them, but don’t tell them your dark secrets. You will know right away if that is what they want from you. When someone is trying to get information, you can see the look on their face. It is scandalous, but many times have people initiated sex with someone just to get information, about what may be happening with their ex, or the like. As always, in these situations you can partake and then play the ‘lame duck’ or not give info.

Even in today’s complicated world, there are still plenty of good things about casual sex. Even when at work the next day and regretting your hangover, there is nothing quite like de stressing with some sex. Sometimes a co worker or neighbor comes over to ‘check out your apartment’ or ‘see your pet cats’ and you hook up, creating an on again off again thing for months to come. There are some stressful times to be had when all of a sudden you miss the person instead of the sex; that is the formula that concocts problems. Sometimes the emotions of missing the person build up to where you don’t know what is happening and you think you are getting played. Things rear to a head, and you think that you will never see them again. Then all of a sudden, they just admit that “they were busy” and they are at your place for sex again. These are confusing moments; and sometimes the casual sex you receive is worth the wait.

Some of the most turbulent moments are had when someone is getting involved in a casual relationship for sex and all of a sudden the girl or guy is gone. Just gone, and they think they did something wrong. But sure enough, it was just a casual relationship, and they pop again, ready for sex. Fond memories are created with these kinds of relationships, and also some great sexual techniques to try in serious relationships. With all the research I have done, it seems that the reason serious relationships fail is that people are never told what they really want sexually. The spontaneity and chemistry of a casual relationship can always fuel the fire. We can’t really say anything bad about casual sex; it’s always going to be there as the sensual allure that it is; like a convertible that’s too expensive that you are just begging internally to take for a spin.