Once you are in a casual sex agreement, you realize that the possibilities can thankfully be endless! After you started with the agreement, you hopefully began a regiment that will have you two communicating openly with each other, and this means trying new positions. Every once in a while it can be awkward; if you are fumbling around a bit or the position does not work out perfectly. Not all things are perfect at first, and that is why practice can be great for you. When dealing with the pleasures of sex, practice is the farthest thing from annoying there is! Just for starters, here are a few positions we found that will give you variety in your newfound sex agreement.

The Basset Hound is an interesting variation of doggystyle. Both partners are very close to the floor, and the man’s legs are bent at the knees, feet pointing out behind him. The woman’s legs are bent at the knees at well for easier access, and the real difference here from doggystyle is that the woman’s stomach is pretty much on the floor, she is not raised up as much as simple doggystyle. The “Booster Seat” position is another one that is for rear entry and anal, and involves a couch. Basically the woman looks like she is sitting in a chair, but she is held tightly around the waist by the giver. You need some strength and power if you are the man, but the rewards are moving her up by the waist every time you thrust deeply.

The “Bumper Cars” position is one I had never seen in my life! What you do here is both lay on your stomachs, facing away from each other. The man’s stomach is brushed up against the woman’s back, and it is another rear entry position. This one is very odd, because the penis is bent down rather far to achieve entry. You can’t get hurt too bad, but it is just a little strange! A frontal entry position that looked like a nice variation was one we found called “Fusion”. Here the giver sits in a straight legged position and the woman climbs on top, spreading her legs and reaching the man right at about his belly button. The man really has to have a lot of tricep strength here, because he is using his arm muscles to thrust a little up and down and also bend each time he is thrusted upon. This one is supposed to give the most pleasure when the muscles are fresh and not sore yet! When experimenting with these new positions, one good exercise to warm up with is getting just even a five or ten pound weight, holding it out in the palms of your hands, moving to the right and left with it, and when you reach the middle, lifting one leg and putting it back down. The core, or center of the body really needs to be fit for these to avoid disc slippage in the back and other strains.

Another position that is definitely going to add some spice to your new found sex agreement is the kneeling Amazon sex position. The laying man actually draws their knees far open and back towards themselves. The woman kneels on either side of the man’s thighs and in this one; the penis is bent a bit up, instead of down. Don’t be fooled about the man laying down not getting a workout; his back and abs will for sure. The craziest position we saw today that probably requires the most strength is the ballerina. Wow! The man lifts the woman ALL THE WAY off the ground, and her legs are up over his head. There is some really good face to face contact with this one, and the stronger the man, the better the sensations will be for the woman. Because if he can really grasp her tightly enough, he can thrust with his core and abs deep inside her, and she will really feel a thrill being penetrated will suspended in the air with her butt facing the ground below.