When it comes to having sex agreements, it can appear on the surface that both men and women want the same thing: a schedule for frequency of sex, deciding if other partners are allowed, and agreeing that it will be casual and not serious. We have seen that these days there are many more women who desire the casual relationship only; they are putting off having families along with having serious commitments period. It really is a form of liberation; women can get rid of so many dated stereotypes by fulfilling their needs with a great casual relationship. Besides, you don’t have to hate a man right away because you are sick of his brand of cigarettes or aftershave. Its possible to enjoy his body for a while and let things flow freely; these are what casual agreements are all about. One thing that is true is that overall, a man is going to want a woman at his disposal in a casual agreement a little more often.

There are those who would argue that a man wants sex more often than a woman, and in the sex agreement will state more “days a week” for sex than a woman. It really depends on who you speak to; we all have needs and sometimes women will surprise us with their desire of frequency in an agreement. Everyone knows that morning sex can be very erotic and fun as the man has immense blood flow happening and even half awake can be very blissful for sex. In the general consensus of opinion, it is said that man wants sex much more than a woman. As sex agreements are drawn up and everyone’s needs are lain out on paper, it is really then and only then that is seen what your partner wants. As far as whether it is man or woman who wants to allow more partners, that is viable and disputable; men may daydream about it more, but some women are known to have a lot of secrets in their black book as well.

There is also an error of thinking in sex agreements concerning men: when it comes to sex agreements and frequency of sex, it is said that men will want oral sex more. Well, let’s look at the outcome: the man doesn’t really have to do anything but sit back, and gets wonderful sensations and potential orgasm while the woman’s mouth bobs up and down on him for pleasure. This is where the age old “man is a pig”, and “man isn’t willing to give back what he receives” stereotypes came from. And then there is the stereotype about women that when the relationship is in the early stages of pleasure, she will always be willing to go down on him, but after a few weeks or months, it always becomes a task and nothing but that. Well, in our vast research we have definitely determined that sometimes women want oral sex MORE, and that it can sometimes be the only thing that drives them to orgasm. In many BDSM relationships, a mistress writing a slave contract will demand lots of oral sex. Why not? It is pleasurable for her and gives her an opportunity to tell the slave that he is not measuring up, therefore having to do it all over again!

Men are very different than women in some ways. The aspects in which the sex agreements will differ will vary from person to person. Of course with the demanding schedules that folks lead these days, it could be either the man OR the woman working more hours. That is what puts a strain on the basis of relationships themselves; we are all scrambling in essence to survive. In some cases a woman may want a sex agreement to not get serious, and then abandon it when she realizes the man she is with is in fact someone to keep. It is true that folks who sometimes make the most casual sex agreements are in fact waiting for someone special. Even though the wants and needs of men and women are very different, we drift back in thought to shows like “Frazier”, where in a rainy Seattle, folks are standoffish but desperate to connect. Men and women definitely want one thing in common out of a sex agreement: sex. There will be plenty of pitfalls and mishaps along the way, but when man and woman meet, there is no denying that for all practical purposes…. It feels great.