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Sex Recipe: Me Tarzan You Jane

Who hasn’t played the game of Tarzan and Jane? Most of the time this was probably done when you were children and you could easily climb trees or had swings available to you. A rope was most likely a part of the fun and games, too. If you’ve watched any Tarzan movie, you already are familiar with the primitive yell [...]

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Sex Recipe: Make it a Geisha Night

Something that a lot of couples do is plan a night to pamper each other. This is best done as a surprise event so that the partner to be pampered is ecstatically thrilled to find that it’s going to be a fun night. Keeping that in mind, you might want to make it a Geisha night for your man. This [...]

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Sex Recipe: a romantic night in the hotel

After being together for years, we sometimes lose the spark we loved and enjoyed in the early stages of a relationship. Many times this is something that can be repaired by just taking the time to focus on each other and actively doing all it takes to get it back. The act of being intimate isn’t only about having sex, [...]

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