My name is Leah and lets just say I am in a loveless marriage. I love to flirt and I consider myself quite sexy. I do a lot of Facebooking. But I had never expected to find romance getting my car inspected. His name is Martin. And he is very very sexy. We started talking a lot on Facebook and got to know each other very well. My husband Is nice looking as well and I love him deeply. Lately we tried to spice things up with a sex agreement but I just needed something more.

Martin asked if I would be interested in hooking up and having some excitement. Let’s just say I was more than happy to. Let me tell you a little about myself I am blonde and have hazel eyes I have been told they’re bedroom eyes. My tits are a full size double d cup and my body is not too bad at all. I have never gotten any complaints. One other feature I have is I love sex all kinds and any kind and all the time. Martin has brown hair and wonderful brown eyes that can make your heart melt and he is sensitive. But he is also married.

So after about a hour chat online we decided to have him come over to my house to “look at my car”  not really .When he arrived I was totally ready, willing and fully able to do what ever floated his and my boat.  Martin came in and I was dressed to kill I had put on one of my sexy little teddies needless to say no panties. I met him at the door and it was on. I lead him to my room where I had a nice scene set up.  I had taken off the sheets off my water bed and had squirted baby oil all over it but I didn’t take him right there. I broke out a pack of poprocks and placed them in my mouth and crunched them up so they just tingled on his cock. As I began sucking it. Slowly licking around the head and down his shaft as I caressed his balls in my hand. Martin was getting really excited at this point. I lead him over to the bed and shoved him down onto it and placed a blind fold over his eyes. I wanted him to enjoy all of the senses I had in store for him. I then took silk scarves and tied his hands together so he couldn’t touch. I wanted to be in total control.

I then began licking circles around his nipples flicking and nibbling and tensely biting them. I then took some hot wax and began dripping it onto his nipples and moved it down to his stomach stopping just before I got to his cock. We had hot wax mentioned in the sex agreement I signed with my husband but the experience was nothing close to this. I then unwrapped a fruit rollup and wrapped his big hard dick with it and began sucking and licking it till I lick every bit of it off. I then took some heated oil and began rubbing his body with it. I was thinking his cock was going to exploded with cum already. So I took my extremely wet pussy and sat on his face and told him to lick and suck my clit. I ran my fingers through his hair while he did this . Till I felt I was about to explode as well. I then slowly slid my body and wet pussy down onto his hard cock and began riding him slow then picking up speed till I felt I was going to cum as was he.

I untied his hands and I rolled over and poured some oil onto my ass and got on all fours and told Martin I wanted to feel his dick cum in my asshole as I came on his cock. He grabbed hold of my hair and slowly at first pushed his big fat dick into my tight asshole then he began fucking it hard and fast as I felt us explode our cum together.

Martin looked at me and said I have to tell you that was the most amazing sex I have had in a long, long time. Martin and I got dressed and he asked did you really need me to look at your car. I laughed and said I would say you did a fine job on my car. Martin asked when can we do another adventure? I said the choice is yours, next time you lead and I’ll follow. He smiled and said I can’t wait. What will the next adventure be, you’re the boss. I could get used to this, maybe I should make a sex Agreement with Martin. Just need to hide it from my husband!