Gregg sauntered off the railroad tracks at about 11 PM that night, in his Indiana town of about 10,000 people. The corn hadn’t grown much last year, because of the drought. He was lucky to have a job rigging on the Burlington Northern railroad, and at 25 years old was really beating the hell out of his body. His wife Amy was just 23 years old and a very sexy Midwestern blonde. They were not high school sweethearts but met shortly after. They had no kids yet and although Gregg loved playing house with her really felt like he was spinning his wheels. He had wanted to move to Chicago about 5 yrs ago to see about becoming a mechanical drafter because he was great with pencils and numbers. When he met Amy he was easily pulled to stay in town with her. It was where she wanted to be and she was probably the most beautiful girl around, period.

It seemed that his best option for employment was the railroad five miles east of them and he was lucky to get on. He enjoyed the money and knew that they would have kids someday, but they were getting some nice furnishings in the house and just enjoying their time together. Lately though, after a couple years had passed they just did not have the rhythm in their sex life. At such a young age when both of their bodies were still just fine, they were falling into a routine. The routine offered a lot of comfort, but he wondered if she was afraid like he was… that they weren’t falling out of love, but out of lust. The long days on the railroad left him tired but there was hope, last night they had sex for the first time in a while and it had left him happy. He was just worried about the long term.

Well a couple of days later, Amy was out with some friends for lunch and they had talked about sex agreements, from articles they had read in their “Cosmopolitan” type of magazines. They exclaimed that after reading the articles the main object of the agreements were written out so that the couples would have sex frequently enough to be happy, and for example spell out certain days that they knew they would have sex. But the wives all eating lunch together that day shared that most of them had never used any sex toys; and the articles had told them that the quality of sex became much better with different lubes, vibrators, plugs, and even bondage kits. Being from a smaller town, this was sometimes taboo, but the age of the internet made it very easy for them to order whatever they wanted.

Amy took some websites home and looked online for some toys. She was still 100% attracted to Gregg but they just got grumpy and burned out sometimes and didn’t always share the same chemistry. She was not as interested in bondage but she had never owned a vibrator and she hoped that she would be able to talk Gregg into using one on her or even fucking her while she used one. She was excited to write up a sex agreement where they picked certain days of the week and were forced to make love; she just had a feeling that he would be ok with it, that he didn’t want to drift farther apart either. She picked out a few high tech vibrators and one that she could use by herself that pulsed to music playing, and then she actually picked out a sleeve that her husband put his penis in and what like getting a blow job. She thought that he would love it!

Well Amy was the bravest of her friends; most of the other girls just got some lube and books, no bondage, no handcuffs, but one of her friends did get a lesbian video which was encouraging them to all explore their sexuality. So the next night Gregg was home for dinner and Amy proposed the sex agreement. She said that she realized they were still in love, hadn’t decided when to have kids, and knew they should be sexually drawn closer to each other. She suggested that they have sex three times a week, always at night, and one other spontaneous time in the mornings perhaps on the weekend. Then she showed him the blow job sleeve and devices that would be arriving in the mail.

Well, Gregg was pretty impressed that she would get him a blow job sleeve because there were some nights she was gone that he would like to use that to some internet sites he had bookmarked! He gladly signed the sex agreement and tonight was one night they had sex; he fingered her feverishly and then bent her over the bed and took her doggystyle. They had not done this in a while and Amy loved it greatly, however she absolutely could not wait to get her hands on those vibrators. As he pounded inside her from behind her hair draped over the bedsheets and she lamented to herself that is was sad that after all that passion in the early days, she had not seen him naked in three weeks, which was too long!

Well, when the toys came, Amy had a private afternoon with the vibrator and she loved it. The first time, just like drinking or drugs, is the best…. And she got some great sensations, and could not believe what the small battery powered device did for her. But it did not detract her from her husband, it made her want him more when he was home! They were starting to fall into a very new kind of lifestyle; they were married in a conservative part of America, but were talking about things like more penetration, looking at other men and women who were sexy and different positions and maybe in the future, bondage. They didn’t miss many nights where the agreement said they have to have sex, and the simple agreement drew them closer. There were times when they would disagree about money or family issues and then the agreement said that they had to have sex, so they would, and then when they lay in bed together they were joined more at the hip even if the arguments came back. These days now that it’s four years later, they still use the sex agreement, they do have one little one but she stays out of the bedroom and all is well. After exploring buttplugs and bondage, Gregg and Amy will be having sex for many years to come. So even if it was a Cosmopolitan article that saved them, at least they were saved… so just know that even in small town America; people still get laid, and love to do so!