Summertime in Tampa, Florida is definitely for fun, sex, palm trees and the Gulf of Mexico. Even though it is not as popular a destination as Miami or the South Beach area, there are beaches and the interstates jut out on the water. At the end of the day it’s just like driving into a sunset, and people of all ages are hooking up on the beaches playing Frisbee, volleyball, and swimming. Justin pulled up to a new sandy spot in his jeep, and met his two friends on the edge of the beach. There is something about being by the ocean that will inspire true animal sexuality, the men are literally chasing the bikini clad women, and impressing them with their bodies, surfing, skateboarding and the like. The backdrop of crashing waves always inspires one to chase the woman that much harder, and the glistening sun will bring out the hot curves of any woman’s thighs and breasts. Relationships sometimes die as fast as they spark; but the thrill of the beach really keeps the spirit of the sexual chase alive.

Justin had a very serious girlfriend for about a year and a half before moving to Tampa 4 months ago. He had been laid once with a gorgeous Puerto Rican girl from a nightclub; but other than that had been pretty busy with his marine biology school. It was kind of disappointing that in his small, specialized college, there were not many single women. He pictured that in marine biology there would be, but the strong surfers and guys with tons of money were always out on the prowl. Well, now it was summer and for four weeks Justin did not even start his job at a marina. He had an apartment by the beach and was ready to make out with, and put his hands on the beautiful bodies all over the beach. Sitting on the beach with two of his favorite classmates they lamented that the dating game was not completely impossible; but definitely different. Women would show off in their bikinis and thongs, and act all morally loose; but then when it came down to it the sex was only had with guys that could promise some sort of financial future. It was a rough mix of being teased and tantalized, but then going home alone even hornier than you were when you showed up.

Well, the setting and backdrop of Tampa was still completely awesome. It was just getting a little old that the women were looking so hot but not really doing much more than teasing. As Justin and his friends threw a Frisbee around, he wasn’t too worried. They all laughed that in the real world, sometimes people didn’t get laid as much as they did on the movies and TV. The girl from the nightclub had not called Justin back, but he was not too hurt. He sure would have loved to see her naked one more time, though. Well, right at that moment his buddy threw the Frisbee too far and landed about 50 yards away on a beach blanket that had three young girls laying on it. Well, Justin nervously sauntered over and Rebecca was the one in the middle that immediately caught his eye. She had long blonde hair, and she had a bit of thickness on her legs and butt that was really incredible. She was not fat at all but big boned and Justin immediately imagined just taking her top off and swimming away in the ocean with her.

There was something very average about her that he liked better than the women that were pushed to you in the media and commercials, and he stayed to talk for a minute. She was in school to be a teacher and loved the ocean, but planned to move farther north to Massachusetts in a year. He slyly asked her if she wanted to go to a seafood restaurant or movie sometime soon, and got her phone number. On the third date she came up to his place and he got his hands all over that big boned body. She liked being on top and when she was riding him her muscles really showed. She didn’t talk about sex much and wasn’t very forward, but as soon as he did have sex with her, it was good and she did want it often. There was nothing he enjoyed more than her sitting on top of him with his hands on her great, smooth bubble butt. One night when they were sitting out on the deck watching the lights along the pier and the water, as they were holding hands she brought up something kind of strange. She said that she wondered about having a casual sex agreement, where they actually signed a document stating that it would not become a serious relationship! Well, at first Justin was taken aback a bit. She seemed like kind of a wholesome or Midwestern girl who would not be concerned about getting attached.

But the more he thought about it, the reasons probably were her knowing she would leave in a year after school. He understood that, but a CONTRACT??? Hmmm. I mean, just by signing a piece of paper you would know that things were not to get serious? He guessed that he would sign it, because boy did he ever enjoy having sex with her. there was nothing like her round ole butt in a white bikini, and nothing like having her wiggle around on his lap while he got hard. So, Justin went ahead and signed the agreement. Well, things went ok. The agreement wasn’t talked about a lot, but sure enough, Justin did start to fall for her. He never told her, because he knew that it would not be received well.

They continued on for about five months. He cherished every minute, but knew that he had to begin detaching before she went to Massachusetts. He didn’t necessarily want to marry her, but he could see himself doing it sometime down the road. Rebecca did break up with Justin about 8 weeks before she left. He didn’t realize how hard it was going to be for him. It was better to have had her for 6 months then to not have had her at all, but nothing filled the void for awhile. He figured that the casual sex agreement was somehow a way for her to keep her conscience somewhat clear; and Justin did not hate Rebecca for doing so. Things didn’t change much around Tampa; his buddies were still there and the beer was cold and the classes for marine studies went onward. Sometimes he would run into stuff in his apartment that would remind him of her; but he pushed forward. It was a trip to see the chair she would sit in on the porch empty when she left, but he remained strong.

He learned a lot about how to make his future relationships work, and how not to. The casual sex agreement ran its course; Justin never really expressed love for Rebecca but he did feel that he began to love her. It snuck up on him, but the reason why he knew was that he would have nightmares of her being in car wrecks or sick with something like cancer. They still email each other with a fondness as many do. And somewhere off a beach or high rise apartment building, another sex agreement is being signed tonight. When people have a lot to risk they will do anything in their power to avoid feeling; and for that reason the casual sex agreement will always be as prevalent as condoms… an intricate part of the web of casual dating.