I was nervous. As I stood completely nude in a group of other equally nude women, I had to remind myself why I was there. “$10,000,” I whispered quietly, self consciously comparing my tits to the wide array around me. They varied from small and petite, with tiny pink nipples pointing skyward, to obviously augmented and gravity defying. Mine fell somewhere in the middle, my size C breasts full, proud and perky despite their volume. I saw a few other women with similar bosoms and felt myself moisten; this type was my favorite after all. A sexy raven-haired Asian woman returned my gaze and I immediately looked to the floor. “$10,000,” I repeated as I remembered the circumstances that got me there.

A freshman at the local university, I was juggling a part time job and a full time college schedule. When any scholarship opportunity arose that even remotely related to my situation, I jumped on it. This newest scholarship seemed perfect for me. It was specifically for a woman pursuing a higher education in the sciences and the only stipulation was that candidates had to persuade the scholarship provider through a one-on-one interview.  This tidbit thrilled me most of all, for I am a charming and beguiling interviewee. I picked my clothes carefully, wanting to look both sexy and professional. My ass hugging black pencil skirt was the perfect combination of demure and provocative, and I paired it with an emerald v-neck sweater that revealed a small peek of cleavage.

The interview was held in Murphy Enterprises, an office building a few blocks from the university. CEO and billionaire Wayne Murphy built this business from the ground up, providing analytical equipment for hospitals and laboratories the world over. This scholarship was another way of “giving back to the community”, as the flyers around campus had stated.

When I was finally called in to interview, I was surprised to see that it was actually Mr. Murphy himself sitting on the other end of the table. His assistant shut the door behind me as I walked forward with my hand outstretched. Mr. Murphy smiled warmly at me, his eyes quickly skimming my breasts, then returning to my face. He was a handsome man in his late fifties, his life of luxury apparent in his physique and overall manner. “Good afternoon Ms. Malone. My name is Wayne Murphy and I am the CEO of Murphy Enterprises. I’m going to cut to the chase Ms. Malone, because frankly, you’re exactly what I’m looking for,” he said as he stood up and came to stand next to me. He leaned on the desk. “I need sexy young women, such as yourself, to participate in a gathering I have once every year at my manor. You will participate in protected consensual sex with men and women for a payment of $10,000.”

I smirked at the memory. I had been shocked at first to hear that my potential scholarship was no more than a ploy to get sexy co-eds to take off their clothes, but I was no fool. I’m proud of my voluptuous body, and the fact that a billionaire was willing to pay me good money so that others could enjoy it was icing on the cake.

Once I agreed to participate, and after signing a non-disclosure agreement, Mr. Murphy stood, his eyes hooding over. ”Now, Ms. Malone, would you mind undressing for me?” My heart began to race. I stood up shakily and began lifting my sweater over my head. I laid it carefully on the chair, aware that his eyes were following my every move. I unzipped the back of my pencil skirt and slowly eased it down my shapely legs, revealing sheer pale pink lacy panties that showcased my tidy, trimmed pussy. Mr. Murphy’s pants bulged as he watched me remove my bra and panties. The cool office air turned my nipples into hardened crests, and I felt myself get wet at Mr. Murphy’s ogling. He had me do a full turn so he could admire my body from all angles. When I came full circle, Mr., Murphy’s eyes were on fire. “Show me what you can do Ms. Malone,” he said in a hoarse whisper.

I was remembering how I took his cock in my mouth and licked and sucked until I tasted hot salty cum when I was brought back to my current situation. “Alright ladies, guests are here,” stated a sexy redhead, Lucinda, who had been participating in these gatherings the longest of any of the women here. “For our first timers, some men brought there wives, so please wait for any couples to approach you first. As you know, any unattached men are first come first serve.” A few giggles escaped some of the women, and I noticed the hot Asian rubbing her clit in anticipation. “All set? Then get out there and enjoy yourselves!” Lucinda shouted, slapping each girl on the ass as if she was our coach and we were heading into the first half of our game.

There were twenty five girls total, between the ages of 18 and 25, and all were gorgeous. I wondered if they’d all signed sex agreements. When the women entered the huge underground portion of Mr. Murphy’s manor, it was to an audience of at least 40 men, some with their wives, lounging on silk cushions and couches with drinks in hand. The smell of cigar smoke was tantalizing, and the eyes of all the men and women watching me made the spot between my thighs tingle.

Many of the men went immediately to their old favorites, women who had been a staple at these gatherings for some time. The sexy Asian was already with two men, both salt and pepper haired and married, according to the ring finger on their left hands, although their wives were not present. She was hovering over one man lying on a stack of velvet pillows, using the head of his cock to tease her pussy opening, while the other man used his cock to tease the opening of her mouth. I watched and started running my hands down my body, wanting so badly to be fucked right at that moment.  Suddenly, I felt a hand rub and grab my voluptuous ass, and I turned to see a middle aged blonde behind me, alone. As if to answer my unasked question, the woman said “My husband will be joining us shortly; he’s…attending to other things at the moment.” I smiled seductively, “Of course,” I replied, as the woman grabbed my hand and led me past a petite blonde being fucked in the ass by a heavily muscled man I recognized as the quarterback for the cities’ football team. “Oh, you’re so big…it hurts, it hurts” the blonde moaned as he pounded her. I was so aroused I felt I could cum right there on the spot. The sex agreement couldn’t be further from my mind, I wanted this even without being paid.

The woman led me to a secluded nook filled with silk cushions and velvet pillows. The lights were dim, and the woman immediately lay on her back, beckoning me to lie next to her. I did so, rubbing the woman’s thigh underneath her nude negligee. I then started tracing the woman’s lips with my tongue, my hand moving to the woman’s breasts, which had the full, unmoving firmness of implants. I got on my knees and then straddled the woman, lifting her negligee all the way to her neck to expose her inflated breasts. I leaned down and took her nipple between my teeth, causing the woman to gasp in pleasure.”Ohhhh…” she moaned as I nipped and sucked, and I felt my own pussy begin to drip as I pleasured this woman. “Mind if I watch for a bit?” came a familiar voice. I turned quickly to see Mr. Murphy standing above us in a black robe, which could not hide his hard dick. “Oh honey, is she not the sexiest piece of ass in this whole place?” Mrs. Murphy asked her husband.’Oh shit, I’m fucking the boss’ wife’, I thought to myself, smiling at the thought. “She sure is,” Mr. Murphy responded, his eyes never leaving my sexy naked body.

While still straddling Mrs. Murphy, I extended my body so that our bodies were intertwined. My round, tight ass jutted in the air as I took Mrs. Murphy’s tongue in my mouth and began massaging it with my own. Mrs. Murphy moaned in my mouth and began to gyrate her hips, trying to rub her glistening pussy against mine. She started to massage my ass, grabbing the firm flesh with both hands. Her fingers slowly crept over and under until they were dipping into the dripping, juicy-sweet center of my pussy. I gasped, shoving my tongue in Mrs. Murphy’s mouth in response. I loved being played with from behind.

I was enjoying Mrs. Murphy’s fingers so much that I did not at first notice when they were replaced with something larger and less delicate. When I felt Mr. Murphy’s erect cock thrust into my wet cunt, I was taken by surprise, but I was ready. I knew he had the sex agreement over me. Mr. Murphy angled my ass for better insertion and began to fuck me intensely doggy style.  My pussy tightened each time he thrust, and Mr. Murphy groaned and slapped my ass in kind. “You’re so fucking tight, baby, so…fucking…tight….” Mr. Murphy said hoarsely, his pace quickening. Mrs. Murphy, still underneath me, assisted her horny husband by spreading the back of my pussy lips open, giving him easier access. She licked and sucked on my collarbone, and I groaned. In and out, in and out, Mr. Murphy’s movements were reaching a fever pitch. “Oh, cum in me, Mr. Murphy. Cum in my pussy,” I whispered. As if on cue, Mr. Murphy’s grip on me tightened and he shuddered as he released his hot sticky cum in my inviting pussy.

Mr. Murphy collapsed on me and his wife, his chest moist on my back from the exertion. Mrs. Murphy and my chests moved in rhythm as we tried to regain our breath. After Mr. Murphy pulled out, he lay on the velvet cushion next to me, running his fingers through my silky hair as he did so. When I turned to look at him, I was shocked to see that his cock, still glistening from the wetness of my pussy, was hard as a rock. He teased my mouth with the swollen head, and I flicked my tongue at it, tasting a faint sweetness that I new was a mixture of my and Mr. Murphy’s juices. I then opened my mouth and swirled my tongue around Mr. Murphy’s entire dick, looking up at him through my lashes as I did so. He watched me as I worked, his hands guiding my head up and down his thick shaft. Mrs. Murphy, not wanting to miss out on the fun, proceeded to open my just-fucked pussy and lick up all of the sticky hot cum from within.

I squirmed at the entrance of Mrs. Murphy’s tongue in my dripping pussy. Oh, it felt so good! I grinded my hips, forcing Mrs. Murphy’s tongue deeper inside my tender cunt. I reflected my pleasure through my own mouth by deep-throating Mr. Murphy’s enormous member, gagging slightly. I was salivating, and I used the excess to moisten and massage Mr. Murphy’s sack. He threw his head back at this, pushing his cock so deep in my warm mouth that he tickled the back of my throat. I gagged again more strongly, to which Mr. Murphy pulled back slightly. “I want to feel that pussy again…” he said, a mischievous look in his eye. Mr. Murphy leaned back, propped up slightly by the mountain of pillows, his dick erect and ready. Mrs. Murphy, after licking up all remnants of her husband’s cum from my pussy, guided me by the hand and helped lower me onto her husband’s ready cock.

Mr. Murphy grabbed my hips and slipped easily into my soaking pussy. Mrs. Murphy, who was behind me, massaged my breasts, tweaking my nipples. Mr. Murphy guided my hips as we fucked, and I felt myself become even wetter as the sound of our sex became louder and louder. My full round tits bounced as I rode Mr. Murphy’s solid cock, and I felt I would cum soon. Suddenly, a gasp came from behind me. I turned my head slightly to see that Mrs. Murphy was being fondled by a lean, tall man with a very tan complexion. I turned on Mr. Murphy’s dick, so that now I was facing his wife as he fucked me. I grabbed Mrs. Murphy’s ass and pulled her close so that our hard nipples were touching. I massaged Mrs. Murphy’s ass and the man behind her watched eagerly. Mrs. Murphy flicked her tongue on my lips, and we started licking each others tongues hungrily.

Mrs. Murphy’s eyes widened suddenly and she moaned as she felt her pussy stretch with the girth of the tan man’s pulsing dick. Mr. Murphy, approving of this most recent development, started pumping his cock into my dripping pussy even harder, pulling my hair with each thrust. Mrs. Murphy and I moaned in each others’ mouths as we both were being fucked from behind. Mr. Murphy was hitting my g-spot in all the right ways, and Mrs. Murphy was rubbing my clit as we kissed. I knew I was close, and as if Mr. Murphy sensed this, he licked his thumb and began massaging the tender opening of my asshole.

“Oh yes right there!” I exclaimed as Mr. Murphy’s thumb pressed down slightly on my asshole. I started riding his dick even harder, feeling myself climbing the sweet, sweet climb right before climax. “Oh yeah cum on my dick, baby,” Mr. Murphy told me, shoving his thumb through the portal that would be my undoing. “Oh YEEEES! OHHHHHHHH…!” I screamed as I released my pent up juices on Mr. Murphy’s cock. Mr. Murphy timed it perfectly, and again his cum surged into my slippery pussy. He thrust a few more times, completely emptying himself into me. Mrs. Murphy wasn’t far behind me, and she came even harder, her juices squirting onto the silk cushions beneath their knees. The man behind her, so turned on by his ability to make Mrs. Murphy squirt, immediately came right after her, pulling out so that his cream spilled on to her ass.

Afterward, we both collapsed on each other, exhausted. I was dozing off when I felt it. I opened my eyes to see Mrs. Murphy with a clear, six-inch long dildo. “Ready for round 2?” Mrs. Murphy asked as she eased into my cunt. I’m so pleased about our little sex agreement.